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  SURVEY 09:12 14 Jun 2008

For a considerable time now I have had problems with a considerable slowdown and regular disconnects particularly in the evenings. The connection is lost, returns for a short while then goes again. I have found that one or two other people in our village have the same problem with Wanadoo/Orange. I have emailed their 'help', spoken to the 'technical' line but I am being fobbed off with line checks, check the incoming socket etc etc. This always results in no problem being found. The problem is temporarliy solved after someone eventually goes to the exchange (which is some way away as my max speed is 2.2)and fiddles with equipment there.

I have a suspicion that the disconnects are caused by overload on the equipment. I have asked Orange if this is the reason but they will not admit it! Is my suspicion likely and would the problem be limited to Orange as if I change my ISP to say BT I would not want to go through that change just to find the problem is due to inadequate lines or a generic exchange problem rather than an ISP problem.

  birdface 10:06 14 Jun 2008

Can you right click on local area connection and press repair.See if it comes up with a DNS problem.

  SURVEY 10:59 14 Jun 2008

buteman - this is greyed out when I right click on it!

  Sheik Yerbouti 11:10 14 Jun 2008

Try asking ISP if they can run the 'Reactive repair tool' which might help pinpoint any problems.
Did you know, faulty electrical equipment can cause all sorts of problems with your connection, even if the equipment in question appears to be working fine.? This is a reason why it is so difficult to pinpoint connection problems.
Can you (during the day, if this is when the connection works best) try surfing with the TV off then try again with the telly switched on, see if this affects things. With you saying problems mainly in the evenings, try to thing what is switched on at the times of slowdown, compared to other times when things are fine.
My guess though, would be simply that the evening time, in a residential area, will see lots of internet use that could slow your connection.

  Sheik Yerbouti 11:11 14 Jun 2008

try to thing what is switched on

should read

try to think what is switched on

  spuds 11:18 14 Jun 2008

I have had a very similar problem with Tiscali.It became very noticeable after I change all my services over to Tiscali in December 2007. After about 5pm, the service provided constant disconnections, and when it worked, very low speeds to the point of severe annoyance. Initially I thought this was due to contention ratios (50-1 perhaps) and increased evening activities from the same local exchange.A number of ISP's have installed equipment in there over the past 6/8 months.

It took a few months of pressure from me and various people from Tiscali, in part resolving the issue. A replacement router was provided, and latest firmware was downloaded. This now as stopped the disconnections, and the service is now very stable on that point.

Regarding speeds, I should be on a 'upto' 8Mb package, but conducting various tests BT and Tiscali have admitted that my line should provide 6Mb (like my neighbours receive), but can only "take" a maximum of approx 4.1Mb, due to poor cabling or jointing "somewhere in the system". BT Broadband/OpenReach have provided an extension cable and special ADSL master box direct to the router, hoping this will resolve some of the issues. So far everything is a lot better, and I am now reasonably satisfied with what I am getting.

In some sense, I was rather annoyed with Tiscali initially, but an email to their CEO, seems to have brought some beneficial results. Even though its been a slight uphill struggle dealing with various people at times.One thing about this whole episode, I was no longer dealt with by a overseas call centre, who were literally driving me to despair with nonsensical answers. All the final results came from people based here in the UK, which made life far easier in resolving issues.

The BT Broadband/OpenReach engineer informed me, that should I wish to change the ISP, then I would still have the same problem, unless I went to a cable network supplier. Apparently its all to do with poor infer-structure and expensive cost and delays of replacements within a old system!.

  spuds 11:23 14 Jun 2008

Going on what Sheik Yerbouti mentions, I was originally given advice about 20 items that could effect the reasons for disconnections. Fluorescent lights, Christmas lights, microwave ovens etc etc, could or would be a problem. The end result proved that these were not the cause of my particular problems.

  SURVEY 11:39 14 Jun 2008

Thanks all. It is interesting that opinion seems to be that even changing ISP may well not make any difference. Obviously I realise that any claimed speeds are just that (claimed) and seldom would one achieve these.

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