broadband disconnects from time to time.

  dobbin 10:41 31 Mar 2008

Had to replace my wif's computer in a hurry last week. All I could get hold of locally was a Dell Vorso. I just plugged in the ethernet cable from the router and instantly got internet connection and all seemed well. Thought it was too good to be true! Now from time to time it does disconnect, something which never happened with the old computer and which makes me conclude that the new computer must need its settings tweaked, but I am not sure what to change. Any suggestions would be welcome. it's connected to BT broadband through a Belkin Nimo router.

  Graham. 11:03 31 Mar 2008

Find the network card in Device Manager, Properties, Power Management. Uncheck 'Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power'.

  dobbin 11:12 31 Mar 2008

Thanks Graham, will try that when I get home.

  ambra4 13:29 31 Mar 2008

Network Connection Setting

Click-Start- Setting-Network Connection-New Connection Wizard

Select-Connect to the Internet-Next

Select-Set Up My Connection Manually-Next

Select-Connect using a broadband connection that is always on


  dobbin 14:33 31 Mar 2008

thanks ambra4 I will also try that tonight

  dobbin 08:06 01 Apr 2008

well, I tried both Graham's and ambra4's suggestions last night but no change it still disconnected intermittently - seems worse in the evening, could this be a clue?

  Graham. 09:48 01 Apr 2008

Common causes of Broadband disconnections:

The USB modem may not be getting sufficient power, or the power is being reduced by another device on the same Hub. View this Microsoft article click here

Phone extension cabling may be prone to induced interference from mains wiring. Connect the router to the socket inside the lower panel of the Master Socket so that extension wiring is disconnected. OK to use an extension cable to do this.

Radio interference from cordless, including DECT, telephones. Turn them all off and disconnect, to check this one.

Radio interference from taxis, CBs, neon lights, streetlights, etc. If one of these is suspected, BT can fit a suppressor to the incoming line.

There may be a clue in Event Viewer. Start > right click My Computer > Manage > Event Viewer > System > Select an Event > Action > Properties. You can send the data to Microsoft for more detailed information.

  dobbin 10:11 01 Apr 2008

It did not happen with the old computer so I feel it is something to do with the configuration on the new computer. All I did was unplug the ethernet cable from one computer and plug it into the new one. Nothing else has changed. Both computers run win xp home edition.

You mentioned radio interference, this new computer has a cordless mouse and keyboard. Could these cause it? There are no dect phones.

Router is already plugged directly into master socket and I have tried rebooting it.

We don't have any neon lights, taxi's etc.

I'll try event viewer tonight.

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