Broadband disconnection problems

  veronicam 11:56 09 Jun 2008

Hi and apologies in advance for what I'm sure has been discussed before, but I'm at my wits' end!
I have BT Total broadband and upon first installing it 18 months ago, encountered intermittent disconnection problems caused by a crossed line. After persuading BT (3 wks!!!) that we had a crossed line, the problem seemed to have been resolved.

In mid-May, the same intermittent disconnection recurred, but without the crossed line (well, I can't hear any other voices on the line!). We've had both telephone and broadband engineers out - initially there was a fault on the line which was repaired, but the line not replaced and the broadband engineer checked absolutely everything and installed a new socket with built-in filter (I'm no expert at these things) but we're still having the same problems. BT promised to change the line card at our exchange, but have failed to do so.

However, and here's the interesting bit...I was wondering why the connection seemed to restore itself every time I rang BT, so I carried out a little experiment. When the connection drops, I lift the phone receiver and hit any one number on the dial. The green lights come back on on the router and the connection is restored! We've tried this with our old phone and a new one and the problem is the same.

I wanted to seek some independent advice before mentioning this to BT in case it's our own equipment doing this. I have sat watching the router for the lights to go off and the connection to drop so I can check the phone at the same time - there's noise on the line and faint, rapid high-pitched bleeps until t he connection's restored.

Sorry for such a long-winded post, but hope someone out there can shed some light (preferably a green one!) on the problem.

Many thanks in advance.


  johndrew 12:36 09 Jun 2008

You don`t say how many `phones you have and whether the PC is on the master or slave socket. If you are on a slave, how far is it from the master?

The high pitched bleeps may be the PC attempting to connect and the fact you can hear it on the `phone indicates to me that a filter may be failing/not up to scratch.

I would suggest you disconnect all `phones and filters and, if possible, connect to the master socket. If the problem is resolved, reconnect your filters and `phones one at a time and see if the problem returns and at which point in the connection process.

If all works fine, repeat the process from your normal PC connection socket, again checking to see if and when the problem returns.

If a piece of equipment (`phone or filter) appears to cause the problem, it may need checking out. For a filter you can try it on the master and add a known good `phone to eliminate the filter and reverse for the `phone.

If everything is fine from the master and the problem is only on the slave you use for the PC, you may have a wiring/distance problem in the house. If the wiring and distance from the master are within limits it would appear to be with BT. Unfortunately they would probably want to confirm integrity of the house wiring at your expense (if the problem is found there) but at least you will be armed with some investigative work to start with.

  veronicam 13:04 09 Jun 2008

Hi John and thanks for your reply.

We have one phone and it and the PC run from the master socket and there's no extensions. We've tried about three different and new filters and the newly engineer-installed BT socket with integral filter. The bleeps have been heard using all each of those filters. We've also tried a new phone, replacing the old one. The first BT engineer checked the wiring in to the house and all its connections and he was more than satisfied with them. He also checked how far we are from the exchange and we are a bit far at 5.odd kms, but, again, the broadband engineer thought this was within limits and shouldn't pose too much of a problem.

Since the 19th may when this all started again, we and the engineers have tried every permutation of possible solutions/tests and we have exactly the same problem persisting. It's just very strange (to me) that we can reconnect immediately by dialling a single digit on the phone...

Thanks, though!

  johndrew 16:01 09 Jun 2008

`.. newly engineer-installed BT socket with integral filter.`

Could be that filter and if it is then BT are responsible at no cost to you.

`.. 5.odd kms ..`

This could easily be the problem. Did BT do a signal strength test during high usage periods? If they did one when usage was low then the signal would be OK, if a lot of people are using the lines ........

  veronicam 16:46 09 Jun 2008

Hi again, John
That's the last filter that was put on and we're getting the same problems as with all the other older and newer filters...

Signal strength tests have been done at differing times on different days of the week, including weekend mornings...all the tests have come back fine nad the problem persists (intermittently of course) at different times and days (today, I've not had even one micro second of a dropout!). It seems to be completely random (going back over my detailed (non-technical) records.

No matter what equipment we try from our end, the same symptoms occur. At least now we know how to reconnect, but I don't want BT to use that as an excuse not to further attempt to rectify the problem.They have done line tests in the last few weeks and on the odd occasion, they have confirmed "errors" but haven't been able/won't specify exactly waht those errors were. The fact that we've had past BT line faults and we and the engineers have checked all our equipment and been satisfied with it leads me to believe that its a problem with the line somewhere.

Sorry for the lengthy posts, by the way.

  johndrew 20:26 09 Jun 2008

No problem.

Hope you get it resolved.

  grey george 20:48 09 Jun 2008

The micro filter is supposed to Split the frequencies so that you don’t hear the router/modem when using the phone. If you can here something and you’ve ruled out the filters maybe the router/modem is at fault. What type is it? Is there a firmware update available for it? Could you take it to a friends and see if it holds the connection?

  veronicam 15:32 10 Jun 2008

Tis a Netgear WG111T and I've hunted out the latest update. Will get hubby to do the needful as I'm likely to go wrong somewhere along the line! Hopefully, this will work. It worked perfectly all day and evening yesterday, and, so far, so good today. If the update doesn't work, your suggestion of using it on another PC is definitely worth trying.

Thanks for the responses.

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