Broadband direct debit

  rins36 01:55 02 Dec 2004

BT Have taken the money for broadband but my connection is not until 2/12/04 and the money was taken on the 1/12/04

I thought they let you know in advance the date they were taking the money along with the amount or do they just take it regardless?

  stlucia 08:45 02 Dec 2004

Are you sure they didn't advise you? Most contracts are for "monthly payments in advance", so if you've been told that your connection will be 2/12/04, first payment must be no later than 1/12/04 if it's to be "in advance".

  Graham ® 10:52 02 Dec 2004

Keep trying Broadband. It may suddenly come on!

  rins36 15:11 02 Dec 2004

broadband is working and the 1st debit should of been taken 23rd Nov so they said today!

thanks for the help

  rins36 15:14 02 Dec 2004

that still does not make sense to me as they said it was paid in arrears incase the activation did not go ahead or there was a problem with the modem not working arriving etc

oh well

  Bapou 15:32 02 Dec 2004

Mine was activated today 2.12.04 and having just received my bank statement today as well, up to Nov. 28th no money has been taken yet.

My BTYahoo 24/7 Anytime was paid up to 9th Dec. As the payment of £15.99 is not being increased I'm assuming that's when it starts being taken on DD instead of credit card.

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