Broadband dilemma

  Kypros 14:13 30 Nov 2004

I am about to commit to a broadband service but I know by experience that this forum is full of useful and valuable advice so I am checking it all out before I commit to anything.

Sorry FE if these questions have already been asked, but the market is always changing as are user's experiences.

I have been using dial up as one of my fiance's AOL screen names, and he has been paying extra so I can be online at the same time (we don't live together). Now his first year is up and I would like to get broadband myself so that he can be independent and not have the costs and I can enjoy broadband too.

First, I've found that AOL will not be flexible enough to let me use the same screen name so that is going to have to go whoever I choose to subscribe to. Furthermore, they were very unhelpful almost to the point of rudeness on their live help chat line when I asked them about keeping my screen and email name. So they're at the back of the queue.

Now, not having the benefit of a crystal ball, I would rather not be committed to one company for a full year. Also I think that I am not a very heavy user (but who the hell knows how to assess that?) and would not particularly benefit from unlimited downloads, attractive though that may seem. I am looking for value and cost-effectiveness, which would indicate Virgin, but I would have to buy a modem and firewall software.

Decisions, I hate 'em when my experiences are so limited.

So, guys, who should I go for.... and I absolutely promise I won't even think about blaming this forum for any decision I make.

  plsndrs3 14:23 30 Nov 2004

I have upgraded from dialup to Broadband. Kept the same email address and user details - nothing changed at all from an acount point of view, just the way I get online - so I am surprised at AOL's response. Having said this, my daughter has just signed on to AOL in London [I live in Suffolk] and she was treated very rudely and was about to send all the stuff back as she could not get online. I went down to visit her & sorted it out at the same time [small software conflict].

Is it your intention for you and your fiance to be online at the same time & both be using broadband? Not sure f this is possible as 2 seperate broadband modems would be needed - 1 for each - and not sure if anyone would provide these for a new account, at least not without extra charges.

But then I never knew that 2 people could use one AOL account at the same time, so I'm learning all the time!



  Technotiger 14:29 30 Nov 2004

Hi, I would personally recommend BT Broadband, they provide a free usb modem and free connection.
Initial cost can come as a bit of a surprise though, because you have to pay your first quarter in advance - that is, if you pay by quarterly bill as most people do. I am a Pensioner, with no other income but I manage by paying weekly by BT Payment Card at my local Post Office when I collect my pension. I pay £10 per week and that covers my broadband and my normal phone calls too. Get over the initial payment and then you can enjoy always-on surfing etc.
lol and welcome to the 'Fast Lane' :-)

  Kypros 14:36 30 Nov 2004

Hi, I'm Paula!
John my other half was letting me use one of his screennames ever since he was on dial up but we couldn't be online at the same time. When he went on broadband he had to pay the top package to keep me signing on at the same time. Apparently the packages have now changed and he is about to renew his contract. I decided to get broadband independently and save him a load of hassle and money at the same time as I am now better off.
When I asked them about my name, AOL acted like they owned the internet and were very inflexible. They need lessons in diplomacy and customer services.

  Technotiger 14:40 30 Nov 2004

Hi,again - Firewall and Antivirus programs are available as Free Downloads - most people seem to use Zone Alarm(Free) and AVG (Free). lol

  Kypros 14:43 30 Nov 2004

I believe BT has a 12 month sign up minimum period, does it not? Maybe if I have to but why do these people want one to sign on for twelve months....maybe they know something that we don't?

  Noelg23 14:47 30 Nov 2004

I know a lot of us may use AOL but I would not recommend going with for broadband...cos they seem to pass their customers to BT instead of fixing their broadband problems themself...I use a company called Central Point go to click here very cheap prices and the service is good...when I have raised a problem to them they have been very quick to respond (normally 24hrs) and they dont pass the buck to BT and they wouldnt dare cos I work at BT and I also use to work at BT Broadband so I know just about everything to fix a problem unless I am not sure what it is...

  plsndrs3 14:47 30 Nov 2004

I KNOW what you mean! My daughter shares the same opinions! ;o)

One thing - if you IM each other a lot, I believe you have to use the AOL software unless you have a third party software & I do not know if a freebie exists ........


  plsndrs3 14:55 30 Nov 2004


That link you gave is invalid ......


  Technotiger 14:59 30 Nov 2004

Hi, yes BT is 12month contract - time flies though, I have been on it just over two years without any real problems. Very pleased with it.

  Kypros 15:00 30 Nov 2004

What does BR mean and HTH? Excuse my texting ignorance, I am not a mobile phone user and my acronym skills are very poor.

We don't IM (instant massage?) each other at all but I'd like to.

Actually I just want to have my own broadband account and it's better all round.

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