Broadband & Dialup

  bonze 13:32 04 Aug 2004

I'm thinking of going over to broadband but need a few questions answered.Do you still keep dialup if so that extra money.I also have a laptop if I only have broad band does this I can't use it away from home.

  Meshuga 13:44 04 Aug 2004

Yes, keep your dialup, as I have done, But change your account with your ISP to a pay as U go A/C. That way if there`s ever a problem with your BB you can fall back on that. You can also use your laptop that way as long as you have a bt socket to plug it in to. As far as I know you cant use broadband away from home. Meshuga.

  Indigo 1 13:44 04 Aug 2004

Firstly if you do go over to Broadband you will need a Broadband Modem which will make your Dial-up Modem unnecessary. All you will need is a Broadband activated phone line plus the BB hardware.

Some ISP's will allow you to connect via alternative BB connections (for Laptops) but don't forget they will need to be Broadband activated lines.

Some good info here click here here click here

  Indigo 1 13:46 04 Aug 2004

Also here click here

  Meshuga 14:02 04 Aug 2004

Should you decide to do as I suggested you should leave the Dialup cable disconnected from the bt line when not in use. This is to stop any nasties sneaking in by the back door which doesn`t normally happen with BB. Meshuga.

  bonze 14:54 04 Aug 2004

Thankyou everybody I think I've got the picture now

  bonze 15:03 04 Aug 2004

I have had another thought. When you go over to broadband can you or do you keep your currant e-mail addresses or do you have new ones.

  xania 15:09 04 Aug 2004

If you stick with the same ISP, have your own web presence or if you use one of the Internet e-mail servers (Hotmail/Yahoo etc) then you can keep on going without problems. If you change your ISP, you will need to discuss with them what you have to do.

  SANTOS7 15:13 04 Aug 2004

regarding email when you change to BB you will have a diferent account as Meshuga suggested if you keep your dialup and use the PAYG option you can keep your existing account and just retrieve your mail when you want

  griffon 56 23:51 09 Aug 2004

Meshuga mentioned BB being usually proof against nasties. Though this question isn't strictly on the same original thread can anybody state for sure whether a premium rate dialer can take over a BB ADSL connection as it can a dial-up connection if you activate it when surfing? I've heard conflicting views and my ISP wasn't clear on it when contacted.

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