Broadband and dial up conflict

  ecclesk 18:45 28 Feb 2007

I’m trying to set up a colleagues home PC so he can dial into a refrigeration plant monitoring system at work, I’m having issues with the dial up connection.

His set up is as follows:

He has a wireless router and 1 PC, two phones both with filters on, sky box with filter.

Only one telephone socket in the house, with a series of plug in extension cables & adaptors feeding all of the above.

His computer has broadband via the wireless router and I have installed a modem for the dial up connection to the monitoring system.

The only way I can get the dial up to work is to unplug everything and only connect the modem to the telephone socket without a filter.

I have a similar setup to his at home, and I don’t have any issues at all.

The fault has to be something to do with telephone wiring/setup or filters in his house, I have tried every thing I can think of including disconnecting one item at a time and re-testing the connection with out success.

I have read about adjustments that BT can make to phone lines like automatic gain control etc etc, is this something I should be looking at?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is driving me nuts and I have run out of ideas.


  woodchip 18:49 28 Feb 2007

Looks like the Filters are not doing there job if it works without

  Technotiger 18:52 28 Feb 2007

Hi, if the plant monitoring system has a IP Address you should be able to connect via broadband.

  ecclesk 19:13 28 Feb 2007

Hi technotiger,

we dont have a internet connection/subscription on the site, the monitoring system is just plugged into a phone socket but it does have an ip address though, so could i connect to it via broadband?

please tell me more as that would be an ideal solution.


  Technotiger 22:32 28 Feb 2007

Yes, I believe you might be able to connect via broadband, just typing the IP Address in the usual address bar should get you to the monitor system.

In your case of course, I may be wrong, but I have done this with my pc and a friends CCTV system in a couple of his shops, his monitoring systems had IP Addresses (a different IP address for each shop) and that is how I was able to connect and monitor his shops from my home - he showed me how to do it. I could even switch between the various cameras in the shops. His cctv system was set up on a computer in each shop. I had no special software on my pc to do this - just my broadband.

I guess you could try it - be interesting to know if it works for you.

  Ashrich 22:46 28 Feb 2007

I think it would need to be actually connected to the internet before you could access it via broadband , that is why you have to dial into it , so it will answer the incoming call .


  Technotiger 22:55 28 Feb 2007

Hi, you are probably correct, I don't actually know - but an interesting experiment.

  ecclesk 08:51 01 Mar 2007

"Yes, I believe you might be able to connect via broadband, just typing the IP Address in the usual address bar should get you to the monitor system."

i tried that a while ago and no luck, also surley it wouldn't be very secure that way as anyone typing in random ip addresses could get lucky and find someones cctv or monitoring system.

we have a network with internet access on site 20-30 pc's but the IT guys dont like anything else conncted to it, but the site manager is talking about buying a few laptops and a standard BT broadband connection for training perposes and for staff to use in there breaks. if he does i'll hook up the monitoring system to it and give it a try

  Technotiger 10:01 01 Mar 2007

"anyone typing in random addresses" ... more chance of winning the National Lottery and the Euro Lottery in the same week I would think. Anyway, my idea was not really a suggestion, more a Theory which I thought 'no harm in testing'.

When I did it, at my friends invitation, with his shops monitors it worked a treat.

  Technotiger 10:07 01 Mar 2007

PS - 'get lucky and find' ... think of all the hundreds of thousands of similar monitoring cctv systems, ever heard of anyone accidentally entering a system? Just a thought - and what about us on our pc's, we all have IP addresses, why hasn't anyone tapped into yours or mine?

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