broadband cuts off when phone gets answered

  xsandrax 19:53 02 Oct 2007

hiya, when i am connected by aol broadband and i answer my telephone i get cut off the internet, a message comes up which says area network cable 2 unplugged along with the broadand signal icon changing from green to red which means i lose my broadband connection.....this has only started to do this recently and its driving me nuts lol.....please please any ideas on this one would be very apreciated xxx

  Technotiger 20:09 02 Oct 2007

Have you got broadband filters on all your telephones?

  handful 20:14 02 Oct 2007

Filters also need to be on things like Sky TV phone connections. The other thing to watch for, do you connect wirelessly and if so are your phones cordless as they can tansmit on the same wavelength and cause interference.

  xsandrax 13:29 04 Oct 2007

hiya filters are on hunie, the thing is this never used to do it, my telephone and broadband was working fine :( its only started to happen recently when i changed my telephone to a cordless.....this isnt the problem tho i dont think coz i changed it back to a basic plug in telephone and surprise surprise my phone keeps cutting off the broadband when it gets answered and the broadband signal gets lost down the line.....any ideas? thanks for the replys guys :)

  Technotiger 13:44 04 Oct 2007

Hmm, it is possible that your filter has malfunctioned, can you try another filer?

(malfunctioned - that's a good word innit!)

  Technotiger 13:45 04 Oct 2007

Oooops - trying to be humorous and I can't even spell 'filter' .........

  xsandrax 11:42 05 Oct 2007

i cant even pronounce malfunctioned lol.....yes tried a different filter and still dont work properly......i dont get this it was all working fine until a while back :( fed up lol

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