Broadband costs

  romford 09:36 23 Mar 2005

I've got Demon Broadband which has given excellent service for£24.99 per month but I'm a light user and have looked at Metronet which offers Broadband at £11.75 incl vat with 200 MB download max but if exceeded to unlimited costs
£22.75 incl vat. Anyone have any experience of Metronet, please?

  westwit 00:12 24 Mar 2005

No, but I use Freeedom to Surf ( at a cost of £14.99 per month for up to 2GB connection and a total limit of 2GB up and down combined per month. I never get anywhere near that limit, and I can recommend them. click here

  westwit 00:15 24 Mar 2005

Sorry, slip of the finger! Obviously it's not a 2GB connection but a 2 gigabits per second connection. My phone line will only take 1Mbps, but that is fine for normal use.

  westwit 00:16 24 Mar 2005

It must be getting late - I mean 2 megabits per second. I'm going to bed now before I go mad.

  ste_bla 00:29 24 Mar 2005

Very very good even if you max out your connection it is oftern less than some other providers, CS are good also and im not being racist but they are english so you can fully understand them! Also only 3mnth contract

One (and only) downside £60 activiation but if you dont use the net alot then in the end it could be worth it, i would be with them now but stuck in 12mnth contact with aol :(

  ardvarc 08:59 24 Mar 2005

Check these prices for Metronet. I am on the 1Mgb connection and starts at £13.75 pm. Extra charge starts when you have reached 1000 Mgb and that is 0.0021 pence per Mgb. Migration fee is less than a tenner. Charges below include VAT. There is a handy graph that shows your daily usage so you know what your bill is going to be.

click here

  romford 09:08 24 Mar 2005

Many thanks ladies and gentlemen. I'm going to go with Metronet. Incidentally I was told the £60 activation fee is discontinued for a while but I'm going to check that. Thanks again everybody. What a worthwhile thing this forum is !

  Meshuga 09:45 24 Mar 2005

Hi romford, I have used Metronet ever since going on BB and it is excellent. The allowance is adequate and I seldom exceed it. My bills are vever above £15.

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