broadband continually 'dropping out'

  the hag 12:38 24 Dec 2006

I have had wanadoo broadband for over two years now without any problems but recently (since the Orange Takeover)it has started to drop out....the indicator on the task bar says it is still connected but I have to 'disconnect then re-connect' to get back on-line...could this be a problem with my PC or could it be the ISP provider?

  sunny staines 15:17 24 Dec 2006

have you spoke to the ISP Support, sounds like they have too many customers connected to the same server, ask if they can give you another dns number to enter.
other option goto control panel delete your conection and setup a new connection in case the original has become corrupt.

  the hag 11:22 26 Dec 2006

thanks for that sunny, I will give it a go, (if I can ever get anyone at Wanadoo to talk to me )

  Border View 16:54 30 Dec 2006

It may be that they are working on your exchange. Try an Exchange Check here click here and it will give your exchange status.

  the hag 16:13 31 Dec 2006

Thanks for that, tried the check...(very useful..will use that again)....says it is OK at the moment but could account for previous problems....will see how it goes and get in touch with ISP support if all else fails.

  the hag 16:14 31 Dec 2006

oh ...and Happy New Year

  bloo meeny 20:31 31 Dec 2006

Been like it for over a week now - seems to happen only after about 6pm, drops every couple of minutes or sometimes as often as every 10-15 seconds.
Had NO problem when I've tried it between 6 and 8am, so am sure it's 'THEM' and not me !!!

'the hag' - I've tried the exchange checker too .... what did you mean by "OK at the moment"?
For me, it said GREEN (for late November) followed by 4 REDS (whole of December), but also said current status is GREEN (????)

Never had ANY problems when it was Freeserve,
Problems started when it became Wanadoo,
With Orange, we had the 3-day 'blackout' recently,
If they announce another name-change, I'M OFF !!!

Happy New Year :-)

  terryf 20:55 31 Dec 2006

Move to Eclipse, I did

  the hag 13:25 01 Jan 2007

our problem started when they became Orange, we too had a three day blackout, think I might take terryf's advice and move.

  the hag 13:32 01 Jan 2007

'bloo meeny'-the exchange checker said the same for for mid november and 4 reds for december I thought wanadoo was 'behaving' but it has dropped out twice already almost seems as tho' we are being 'timed out' ...if we are not exactly using the internet it drops out but we are paying for 24/7 broadband

  sunny staines 18:38 01 Jan 2007


what did your isp say about the problem.

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