Broadband Connections

  BLUELEN 07:40 09 Oct 2006

Can you have more than one broadband ISP connected at the same time? Father at present is with Telewest but is switching to Sky. I installed all Sky stuff but the line is not activated until 12/10/09. Telewest paid upto end of oct/06 and has not been cancelled yet but can't connect to internet as browser now saying " provided by SkyBroadband". Does PC only recognise the last settings installed? Thanks

  mad1234 08:05 09 Oct 2006

is telewest wireless?

  Graham. 09:20 09 Oct 2006

If you have installed Sky this will have modified the Dial up settings to connect to Sky. You will have to uninstall Sky and re-install Telewest until the 12th.

  Graham. 09:33 09 Oct 2006

In the case of Sky, this involves a wiring change in the exchange, rather than a software re-program. There will be a break in service on the day whilst this is being done.

  BLUELEN 11:08 09 Oct 2006

Telewest not wireless thanks for responses.Will uninstall if Father can't wait till 12/10/06 !!

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