broadband connection/download speed

  de_de 09:34 17 Apr 2004

I have just got the ZEN home 500 ADSL package. When i do speed connection tests, I am getting widely fluctuating connection speeds, generally between 300 and 370, but sometimes 200, sometimes 400. It averages 360ish. Is this reasonable? What i dont understand though is when i download something and monitor it using the speedtouch program i got with the modem, it shows a realtime download graph showing speeds over 500. Whats the difference between connection and actual download speeds? Also if it helps..i only ever got around 36kbps max on my 56K dialup...perhaps my telephone is not that good?

  de_de 11:45 17 Apr 2004

can anyone help?

  Forum Editor 12:04 17 Apr 2004

will tend to vary, based on the quality of your phone line, the state of the Internet at the time, and the contention ratio operating on your ASDSL gateway at the time of connection.

For a reliable indication of your true connection speed
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  Gongoozler 12:27 17 Apr 2004

If you have a contention ratio of 50:1 (the most common), then your 500k connection COULD go as low as 10k. 36k on a dial-up isn't that uncommon, often caused by noise on the line or in the modem. When you download data, the figure is often given in bytes per second. There are 8 bits to a byte, but with extra bits added, the data in bytes per second is about a tenth of the bits per second rate.

  Djohn 14:50 17 Apr 2004

Yes, that is low for Zen. Zen themselves will say your speed should be at least 450kbs. Mine will test day or night between 470-480kbs taken from the IDSL guide site. Sometimes I think the tester is broke because the figures never seem to change.

When actually downloading it does vary between 60-70kbs and occasionally drops to 45-50 if the site I'm downloading from is busy. If the internet as a whole is having a bad day then the download speed can drop to 15-20kbs very slow when you consider that a good dialup will download at 4-5kbs.

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