broadband connection troubles

  Brian-318590 11:11 08 Dec 2004

hi i use central point broadband 1mgb service durring the day conection is nobother first time connecting between 6 and 9 in the evening just won,t connect it come,s up password and user name invalid on this domain i,ve done everything they said to do ie connecting my computer in the main socket diconnecting all other phones i,ve reinstalled the modem and passwords they even suggested trying another computer which to me sounds silly considering i connect perfectly at none busy times,is there any way i can keep a open conection at all times with out shutting it down when i turn off my computer

  Brian-318590 11:47 08 Dec 2004

how about a powered router will that keep me connected

  ACOLYTE 11:53 08 Dec 2004

Can you just leave it connected from the morning,
BB is always on service so once its connected it should only disconnect it you disconnect it or shut pc off.

  Brian-318590 11:57 08 Dec 2004

i could do that but that means leaving the pc on all day burning power for no reason would the connection stay on in sleep mode?

  ACOLYTE 11:59 08 Dec 2004

I dont think there is a way to keep the connection open when pc is turned off,even a powered router would only power the modem not keep the line open.When pc turned off it would be like hanging up the phone.

  ACOLYTE 12:02 08 Dec 2004

My connection stays open in power save mode,i have left it dloading over night with no ill effects.

  Brian-318590 12:02 08 Dec 2004

thats what i thought i,ll go back to the supplyers and moan again,they also suggested changing the modem i don,t think that would do any good but i could try it

  ACOLYTE 12:12 08 Dec 2004

Dont think the modem is faulty if you are getting connected in the morning,there used to be similar things on dial up,at peak times,have you checked the line with BT for errors,and even asked them to increase the bandwith on the line may help.The only other drastic thing would be to change BB supplier.You havent got a limit on times you can connect to net have you?

  Brian-318590 12:23 08 Dec 2004

no theres no limit on times i,ll phone bt to check the line

  Brian-318590 12:44 08 Dec 2004

been on touch with bt tested the line no faults getting line gain increased to see if that works

  Graham ® 13:13 08 Dec 2004

Line gain only affects the analogue line, it's a configuration of the line card. Nowt to do with broadband.

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