Broadband connection still on dial up

  ZEROTOLERANCE 21:08 25 May 2004

i have recently changed from wanado dial up to b/band, the problem is when i use download acccelerator it will not let me use the super fast speed as it says im still using a dial up setting, ive tried to change it the way it advises but it doesnt seem to relate to my computer. any suggestions please

  johnnyrocker 21:16 25 May 2004

re configure the connection details in properties or uninstall and re install?


  ZEROTOLERANCE 21:20 25 May 2004

johnnyrocker Tue, 25.05.04 | 21:16
re configure the connection details in properties

what setting should it be on? its currently set on 64k digital

  Tj_El 21:29 25 May 2004

I suppose within the download accelerator you should be able to state/set your manner of connection. If previously you had this set-up for the dial up, you should be able to remove this setting and create/add the new setting for your BB.

The above is based on the logical manner in which most software that connect to the net operate. I personally do not use this software so cannot describe in detail but I hope the above was useful...?


  ZEROTOLERANCE 21:42 25 May 2004

thanx i think you just hit the nail

  Djohn 22:16 25 May 2004

click here Thought we were still working on it! :o(

  ZEROTOLERANCE 22:44 25 May 2004

no Djohn its a variation on the problem, i managed to sort out the original problem,

what it was, when i changed to B/Band wanado added 2 letters to my username so i WAS trying to connect with an incorrect username and password, (although the password was the same)
thanx for your advice anyway and sorrry for not updating you.


  Djohn 22:51 25 May 2004

That's OK ;o)

Pleased you sorted it and no need to apologise it's just that when you said you were going to try it, I stayed up all night waiting for your response.

Only joking! ;o)

  ZEROTOLERANCE 01:22 26 May 2004


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