Broadband connection speed

  Pineman100 18:33 16 Feb 2007

I; ve been a bit disappointed with the apparent speed of my BB connection recently, so today I ran BT's speed checker.

My contract is for 2MB, but the speed chacker reported 627 kilobits per second - less than a third of my nominal contract speed.

Is this acceptable, or should I complain?

  €dstowe 18:35 16 Feb 2007

You can't really make a meaningful assessment from one measurement.

Do several readings at different times of the day - you might be surprised how much difference there is.

  tullie 18:49 16 Feb 2007

If after several tests,it doesent improve,just bare in mind that your contract is up tp 2mgs

  Pineman100 19:35 16 Feb 2007

Well, OK Tullie. But if you had a 2 meg contract, would you be happy with 600k?

However, as Edstowe suggests, I'll run some more tests at various times.

  Dipso 22:29 16 Feb 2007

Who is your ISP?

  Pineman100 22:37 16 Feb 2007


  woodchip 22:39 16 Feb 2007

Go hear download then run it. There is a Tool you can download that does the Registry settings for BB in the Help in Menu click here

  woodchip 22:40 16 Feb 2007

PS I get 974kbps on a 1Mb BT line

  Pineman100 10:16 17 Feb 2007

Thanks for that useful link. I downloaded it, and the results are really terrible - worse than yesterday!

I'll try it again over several days and see how it goes.

  Dipso 15:17 17 Feb 2007

Sorry to say but I think your problems lie with your choice of ISP. click here# and click here for more experiences.

I don't think complaining will get you far as they will probably say your service is "acceptable". If you're not tied into a contract consider migrating. There are plenty of other companies who perform better and would love your business.

  Fred05 15:43 17 Feb 2007

We are with Orange and have nothing but problems so thank you for the links on here to help us decide to move.

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