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  PO79 13:05 24 Oct 2007

I have a friend who spends half the week at home, and half with a friend. He has at home AOL broadband, the friend with whome he stays did not have broadband, but is now connected to BT Broadband. He brings his PC (desktop) between the two places.

I was under the impression that two connections on a PC to Broadband from two different connection points to two different ISP's will not work, also that one ISP's Software may conflict with another.

Would some one confirm or correct me on this please.

  DieSse 13:18 24 Oct 2007

One telephone line can only have one broadband supplier.

One telephone line with broadband can have more than one computer connected.

One computer can work with more than one different broadband supplier without changes (but not always).

I move my system once a week from home (Broadband with Avired - Spain) which is long distance wireless, to ADSL via Telefonica (which is via normal telephone line) at our computer club.

It just works - no changes of any kind required - nor any software for either connection. The secret is a self-configuring DHCP router/or adapter, which both connections use.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:20 24 Oct 2007

How is the BB connected?
By USB modem or by router?

If his friend is connected by router all he needs to do is connect by cable to the router an use IE or Firfox to browse and use the AOL home page to pick up mail.
He will of course be using his frinds ISP to do this, not AOl and therefor the AOl links etc,. will not run.

  PO79 13:43 24 Oct 2007

Thanks for your replies, I am nearly there in understanding what I need to do. Both my friends are Deaf, and although I am proficient in sign language I am by no means fluent so I think I may have misunderstood what was required of me when I connected the BT connection.

Here's what I did:

i) Removed all AOL software and AOL supplied USB Modem

ii) Connected BT Router (Via USB, no LAN on PC) and installed BT software as required, BT connection up and running OK but under second friends account name and user details.

Now what the first friend wants to do is connect separelty to AOL using his own account from the BT enabled line and use his video camera and software to communicate in sign language to other friends in Hong Kong and the USA, which he does from home.

So if I reinstall all the AOL software, will he be able to do this, or will the BT Broadband enabled line prevent this (i.e. not recognizing the phone number )I know of course he can access his AOL homepage from the BT account and I have explained this as best I can.

  PO79 16:35 24 Oct 2007


  DieSse 00:04 25 Oct 2007

".... and use his video camera and software to communicate in sign language to other friends in Hong Kong and the USA, which he does from home."

He could do this with MS Messenger (or any other ISP independant messaging system), irrespective and independently of any ISP he happens to connect through. Problem is, the people he talks to would need to use MS Messenger too.

Do you know if he uses AIM (AOL Internet Messenger) to do this with at present?

I'm not au fait enough with the AOL facilities to know for sure if he could use AIM via a non-AOL connection. It appears from here click here that it may be as simple as installing AIM (NOT the full AOL connection package).

  PO79 12:13 25 Oct 2007

Thanks for the link. I have downloaded the classic version and I will install it next time I go. I thinks it will probably work.

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