Broadband connection problems still ongoing

  cadena 00:31 12 Feb 2005

As I am having problems still buts its a difficult one. I sign on to my isp which is .....wait for it........AOL.0.9, no problems,they even did a computer check-up, and its problems,
So whywhen I check my PC Doctor and have my modem checked this is what I got which is written below.
The problem I have been having is since having upgraded to Platinum from Gold only 3 weeks ago, my computer has been alot slower where it she be faster, I can not even watch trailers of the news. I have reinstalled and installed my Broadband that many times its wearing a bit thin,
Can anyone understand and point me in the right direction.
I have even folllowed a list to do to try and sort it by aol and B/B,
I have sent several mail to every department in thr AOL building I think, and I am waiting for what the reply will be!!


Modem Information


Information about modem on COM2:
Supported fax/modem standards 0,1,8,80
ATI0 56000
ATI1 255
ATI5 180
V90 SPX RAM Ver 29
V90 CTL RAM Ver 29
ATI7 255
ATI8 AZT4021.
ATI10 [No information available for this command]
ATI11 [No information available for this command]

TAPI Devices
Line 1 MDP3858V-WE Modem (in use)
Line 2 Unable to get line information
Line 3 Unable to get line information
Line 4 Unable to get line information
Line 5 Unable to get line information


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  feb 09:10 12 Feb 2005

Hi cadena

click here and try a speed test, let us know the results

  FelixTCat 09:28 12 Feb 2005

Something strange here. PCDoctor is reporting on your dial-up modem, not your broadband conection. What sort of broadbnd connector do you have? Is it USB or an ADSL modem router?

  cadena 11:28 12 Feb 2005

this is the results.......hope I have done this right.

736.5 kilobits per second

Communications 736.5 kilobits per second
Storage 89.9 kilobytes per second
1MB file download 11.4 seconds
Subjective rating Good

Explain results

Date & time Saturday, February 12, 6:18AM*
Test type IDT4 Free
Connection type ADSL
Region United Kingdom
Data size 1024KB
IP address

* EST (-0500)

  cadena 11:33 12 Feb 2005

This is the bit thats confusing me, I am on Broadband and have the BT Voyager 100 USB ADSL, so how can I tell which I am on. I am on AOL 0.9 Broadband Platinum, my dial-up when I sign on reads......home DSL.

  FelixTCat 11:41 12 Feb 2005

I wonder if by accident you are signing on to your dial-up system at times. Go to Control Panel - Internet Options - Connections and tick "Never dial a connection".

Now, when you open Internet Explorer it will be forced to use the broadband connection.

Does this help?

  cadena 11:53 12 Feb 2005

Its already ticked on the "never dial a connection"

  FelixTCat 11:59 12 Feb 2005

The speed testvshows that you have a high speed dsl conection. 736 Kbits per sec is halfway between a 512 and a 1 Mbit connection. I don't know how fast AOL Platinum is supposed to be.

  cadena 12:09 12 Feb 2005

it was 1Mbps now its 2Mbps, it says you can watch film trailers and movies but I cant even get a picture its just blank!

I have had a reply from both B/B and AOL this morning all just sending an automated reply for me to phone certain numbers. I have told them on each mail that I can not do that as I am partially deaf and am unable to use the phone. How on earth does other people in the same situation manage is beyond me. I dont even have a text phone. This is making things alot more difficult for me, so thank god we have someone like you to help us.

  feb 12:27 12 Feb 2005

So am I right in thinking that your connection has been upgraded to the new 2MBPS?

If this is so then you might have to contact BT to make sure your line has been upgraded for the new speed

  cadena 12:34 12 Feb 2005

Well I checked on the BT web site and mine can only take 1Mbps, so really AOL should have checked that my upgrade to Platinum would be ok, not that they would bother to check.

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