broadband connection problems

  Merlin 13:36 10 May 2003

I am on Freeserve any time and decided to upgrade to Broadband with them. This was on monday since then I have spent most of the week trying to get connected. My computer is upstairs on an extension cable and works fine with ordinary internetbut the alcatel modem says there is no dialing tone . I moved the computer downstairs to the BT master socket and the modem would connect but said there was a problem with my user name/password after another 25 minutes on the phone trying various options they cannot come up with a solution as my wife and I are disabled we rely on the internet for many things any help would be really appreciated

  crx1600 13:43 10 May 2003

are the lights on the front of the modem both green?

your new user name should be:

if your email is, [email protected]

your 56k username was,

BB username is, [email protected]

well thats how mine worked.

  jediknight007 13:49 10 May 2003

Sorry if I misread your post but when you upgrade from dial-up to broadband, you have to activate your line, which is done by BT. Correct me if I am wrong but you said that on the Monday, you decided to upgrade to broadband with Freeserve. However, you can't use it straight away. First, you have to get BT to activate your line, which takes about 5 days or so and then you have to get a new ADSL modem, either from Freeserve or bought by yourself. I believe that the username and passwords for Anytime and Broadband are different. You also have to pay separate monthly prices for each of them. Again, apologies if I misread what you were trying to say.

  Merlin 14:02 10 May 2003

thanks for the speedy replys when the BB modem is downstairs both lights are steady green but upstairs the adsl light is flashing green. I recieved my confirmation email on monday saying BT had activated my line but didnt get the modem till tuesday I have been thro their technical support using their usernames and other passwords which they assured me would work but they did not.
hope this clears things a little thanks again

  otubby1 14:19 10 May 2003

I changed from BTOpenworld to BT Broadband not too long ago and my modem is at the end of a 25' extension. In the paperwork I got with my ADSL modem, it stated that the further away the modem was from the socket, the weaker the strenth of the data stream; i.e. surfing difficulties. Iknow it is expensive, but it might be a good idea for you to get you socket put as close to the modem as possible. Hopefully that will clear your problem.
Unfortunately, I'm still trying to gather the moolar for the change and although it can work well at times, if the traffic is heavy it can be a pain. Hope this helps.

  crx1600 14:23 10 May 2003

when you try to connect,in the window that opens click 'connect' then 'toggle status window'.

this shows each event in the connection process and gives a numbered error when you fail.

there can be problems using extensions etc,so stay downstairs where both lights are steady green,until you sort out the username/password problem.

there may also be an icon shown next to the clock (bottom right of screen) this also shows your status by using different colours(should be green).

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