Broadband connection problems

  PTB007 19:59 26 Oct 2008

I've been having problems with my broadband connection since Friday. Basically the connection keeps on dropping and I cannot connect for another 20 mins or so.
My provider is Virginmedia and I have the 20mb package.
I called support yesterday and gave up due to the rudeness of the person on support. He seemed intent on blaming my router, computers etc etc for the problem. I'd rather do without support than have someone speak to me the way he did.
After having the same issues today I reluctantly called support again and got through to a lady this time.
Though she was trying to help she went through the same procedures, thinking everything was to blame except their service / equipment.
I connected direct to the cable modem and eliminated my router, and as I was on the phone the connection dropped again.
They now advise that it may be to do with an incompatible Anti Virus signature( I use AVG) and they have advised I turn it off and surf the internet for the next few hours to see it that is the cause. I've been told I should use the Virgin PC guard suite.
Is that good advise? Surfing the internet without anti virus enabled and does anyone have an idea what the problem could be.

I have tried the connection with several different computers all with the same result.

Any help appreciated.

  woodchip 20:22 26 Oct 2008

Do not go on the net without AV running, I suggest you download Free avast click here you need to register they will send you a key to put in. After you get the Key uninstall AVG then install Avast and put the key into Register box. by right click Avast Icon in System Tray near to clock click on about avast then on the register button

  RobCharles1981 23:54 26 Oct 2008


How long have you been a Virgin Customer?

What other services can you get at your exchange??

click here

When Downloading Avast as woodchip said make sure you disable the "sounds" in the options they can give you quite a shock out of no where!

  birdface 00:18 27 Oct 2008

Not good advice.Try AVG Which you have.+ A Squared + Kerio Firewall [free].Forget PC Guard.Are you connected by Ethernet or Usb.If Ethernet.Switch the Modem off for 1 minute.Switch it back on and leave for 2 minutes before you use it.Right click local area connection and press repair. See if it comes up with a DNS problem.Try Control panel.Administrative tools.Services.Scroll down to DNS Client and make sure it is set to Automatic.Run this speed test it is the one Virgin media engineers here Make sure that you are getting the proper download speed.If nothing works tell them that you would like an engineer to call.Be polite it always pays does not matter how difficult it may be.When you get cut off make sure that you still have all the lights still lit on your Modem.all the ones that you should have.I have 4 permenently lit on mine but then I am only on 2 Mb. problems since Friday. Unfortunately they never seem to tell the call center when work is going on to repair problems.They wont send an engineer.demand one.If not get them to put you through to disconnections.They will ask you why you want to leave.Tell them you are paying for a service that you are not getting.Be polite but firm and see what they say.I used to have the same sort of problem as yourself it steadily got worse over a couple of months till i told them i wanted an engineer out.he came to my house went on my computer for about 30 seconds and went outside to my wall box and changed the was great after that.Now if you have just been upgraded to 20Mb you probably need a new of luck.

  PTB007 09:06 28 Oct 2008


Thanks for the advice, I've replaced AVG with Avast. Was really suprised they suggested I surf the internet without AV enable, I would never have done it despite there reassurance that as long as I do not download anything I would be fine.


Been a customer about 4 months, upto now the service has been great, guess I'm stuck with them for another 8 months.


I've tried every possible combination of connections to no avail. When they check my modem they said it had showed 100% uptime and off course the sevice was fine.
When the service drops, it still shows as connected but if I try to renew the IP address it will not assign me one.
I did upgrade to the 20mb service as the 10mb service could not stream my slingbox without affecting the perfomance at home. Since upgrading everything has been fine until the problems last Friday. Even this morning I could not get a connection, but it appeared to work fine yesterday evening.
I will of course remain polite and reasonble, I think I will take you suggesstion and ask them to send out an engineer.
In case I want to take it further, what can I do to prove my service is not working? After all their tests are saying 100& uptime.

Thanks to all for the assistance.

  ^wave^ 09:13 28 Oct 2008

there was a post here a little while ago about virgin and it fair use policy and how people were being throttled i see from your post that you use a sling box just springs to mind if it related and you are being throttled

  PTB007 13:40 28 Oct 2008

Hi ^wave^,

Throttling had crossed my mind but not 100% surely.

I purposely upgraded to counter the effect of throttling.

  ^wave^ 19:09 28 Oct 2008

check this threadclick here

  PTB007 16:30 23 Nov 2008

Just closing this thread now, thanks to all who responded. Virgin confessed that there where issues with the service by email. When I called to request the engineers to come and fix the problem, they said there was no problem and that I would be charged if the engineer came and found no fault.
Anyway, the later admitted to there being a problem and have refunded me for the 5 days my sevice was down (still waiting on the refund).
On the whole not impressed, but until my contract is up I'll have to live with it.

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