Broadband connection problems?

  Roy* 09:31 19 Sep 2007

I’m looking for some advice with broadband connection problem. It’s a long story and I’m not sure what part is relevant but here we go:

Moved house, took phone number with us, yesterday 2 weeks after move informed broadband should be up and running (Plusnet). PC in upstairs spare bedroom which has phone point and for the last 2 weeks have been using dial up no problem through this point all be it painfully slow.

So last night I connected the broadband modem to the wall plate using same set up/filter etc from our previous house. The ADSL light on the modem was flashing and when I tried to connect I got an error message which says no dial tone (#680 I think?). I talked to Plusnet who said to reinstall Modem but then when I just tried again it worked OK although only 1.5 mega thingy speed, old house was usually 8? I called Plusnet again and was told this was because it was a new changed line and it would take 10 days ‘to learn’ the line speed and adjust to the maximum. However he noticed that the line quality I was talking on was poor, he suggested replacing the filters and contacting BT. So I then wasted too long with BT doing line checks which they said where OK. Since then I’ve not been able to connect to broadband as no port error thing comes up ‘no dial tone’.

I did notice that if I removed the filter from the phone socket and made a call the line was clear (as in good)? The key difference with this house is that I’m connecting to the phone extension point where as in the previous house it was connected to the same point as the phone. I’ve been told that you need the filter thing on all phone sockets even if you’re not connecting a modem?

Sorry for such load of waffle, can anyone help please?

  Dipso 09:52 19 Sep 2007

Several things could be to blame for your problem.

Have you any idea of the distance you are now from the local telephone exchange...if you are some distance away your modem may be struggling to maintain the signal. If you go to click here? this will give us a rough idea.

Is there any way you can try the connection from the Master telephone socket or preferably the test socket underneath the removeable faceplate if you have the new style NTE% type socket. If you can get a signal from there it could indicate there are problems with your internal telephone wiring. Follow this guide click here to check your internal wiring is in order in any case.

You say the line seems clear when you remove the filter, this could indicate a faulty filter. If you were on a nice short line to the exchange at your previouos house this won't have mattered that much but could make a difference now. Just to clarify, you only need a filter on each socket if another device is connected, i.e. telephone, fax, Sky, burglar alarm, if the modem is the only thing using the socket you don't need a filter.

  Roy* 10:00 19 Sep 2007

Thanks for taking the time to explain those steeps, I will look into it again tonight.

  Diemmess 10:00 19 Sep 2007

Basic stuff for a start:

A filter in every outlet where you plug in a phone or fax.

An unused socket shouldn't need one, but you might as well fit one and forget it!

Usual ISP advice is to use the master socket in the house for connection to the PC. I know several people who use the most conveient one without trouble, but in a marginal situation it might make a difference!

Stating the obvious, you have installed the software first and NOT connected the RJ11 cable until the installation proceedure requested it?

  Roy* 10:05 19 Sep 2007

Just checked that website, now we're 1.6Km from exchange we were 0.8Km so twice as far away now?

I take it new filters are too expensive any good recommendations?

  Roy* 10:11 19 Sep 2007

You said:

Stating the obvious, you have installed the software first and NOT connected the RJ11 cable until the installation proceedure requested it?

I haven't installed anything, taken PC etc from one house to another 2.5miles away connected everything back up. Had to wait for BT and Plusnet to make broadband move so used dial up no problem. Once broadband available tried to connect etc.

To use the main socket I'd probably have to use a wireless connections as the PC's upstairs, is that the best option?

  Dipso 10:13 19 Sep 2007

Although that distance is as the crow flies, it suggests your line isn't too long.

Try the wiring and post back with your findings, if you can get a connection from the Master socket, albeit slow, we can do more diagnostics.

I recommend the excellent ADSL Nation XF-1e filter £7.99 from click here

  TonyM 10:22 19 Sep 2007

I had a similar problem recently...running my router from an upstairs extension socket with no problem for a long while, I moved everything around to redecorate and when I connected things back up I had a problems with my broadband conenction dropping out every few minutes, or being very very slow. I noticed a lot of "hiss and crackle" on the line - and assumed a BT fault on the line somewhere. Then I went and listened to a phone on another extension hiss or crackle at all.

On closer inspection I realised I had used a different ADSL filter on my router connection - I had used a BT supplied one ... so I changed it for the old filter, (originally supplied by Freeserve) and immediately No Hiss or Crackle and a rock steady broadband connection.

I can only assume it was a duff filter ...wonder how many of them are out there ?

  Diemmess 10:30 19 Sep 2007

Sorry, I misread your story first time. I see now you were at the point of re-installing when it worked again.

  Roy* 10:51 19 Sep 2007

Good to know I'm not alone and that the site is very useful! I'll work through it tonight and I guess I better buy some new filters on the way home?

  Roy* 23:24 19 Sep 2007

I checked master sockets and it's one that has 2 ports one for a business line. When I looked inside it had blue and white/blue going to 2 & 5 but also an orange/white going to 3. the business line socket has orange/white to 2 and white/orange to 5. I removed the orange one from 3 but left the business line. I have a photo of it before i changed it if anyone wants to see it you'll have to tell me how to post it on this site?

So I checked the extension one upstairs and that has 2 sets of white/blue and blue on the 2 & 5 one was a loose so push it back.

In the main bedroom there's another point which has it's wires to 2 & 5 only again 2 setsfor each side.

I've order new ADSL filters to see if that improve the situation, is there aything else I could try?

Current speed is 1.7Mbps

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