Broadband Connection Problem???

  7 23:51 30 Nov 2006

This should b actually first querry....rather asking about basics first....anyway

I am having difficulty in connecting to internet wirelessly. I can connect through wire but as soon as i removed wire i get disconneted after few minutes.eveni move my laptop to some other room it just get disconnected in those 5 min.

I had discussed with both Dell and AOL and spent almost 16GBP on telephone calls till now but end result is ZERO.

both r blaming each other....AOL is saying there is problem with wireless adapter card (LAN card supplied by DELL) and DELL says there is problem with ISP configuration and when i discussed this with both that wat they r saying than they denying that problem is with there respective things.

I don't know where should I go. If I go to pcworld for check they will charge me another 50GBP irrespective the cost of any part change and if i just keep calling them both companies than one i am loosing money on my phone calls and secondly the waiting time approx on each call is 42min on average is painful.

Kindly plz help what shuld i do now. I am not able to enjoy the WIRELESS BROADBAND till now after paying so heftly for connevtion.

I am using dell inspiron 9200 bought in jan 05 with windows xp proffessional OS with wireless lan card inbuilt.

Any suggestion....

  skidzy 00:01 01 Dec 2006

This sounds like a configuration problem.

Can you list the make/model of the router please.

  7 00:04 01 Dec 2006

i am using speedtouch 585 provided by aol as part of deal. I also have netgear adsl2+ 834n but i am not using that one at present.

  skidzy 00:11 01 Dec 2006

SpeedTouch 585 configuration

How to configure your SpeedTouch 585 modem-router after reset to factory defaults:

1. Power on modem. Connect modem to PC via ethernet.
2. release/renew PC's DHCP (winipcfg or ipconfig)
3. go to click here (your browser must allow popups)
4. click on SpeedTouch in the left-hand menu. Click "Set up" in the Task list.
* service: Router (default)
* VPI/VCI: 0.35
connection type: PPPoverEthernet
* username: [ncf_accountID] (e.g. [email protected])
password: [ncf_dsl_password]
* "access control" modem username/password: as you choose

Secure the wireless network on your SpeedTouch 585

If you use a wireless router, you should turn on encryption so strangers can't 'listen in' or log on and consume your bandwidth. Here's how:

1. go to click here
2. click on Home Network in the left-hand menu. In the Wireless section of the Home Network, click on "WLAN". Click on Configure in the top-right corner.
3. Under Configuration, choose an Interface Type that is compatible with your wireless client devices.
4. Under Security, you can use WEP or WPA-PSK. WPA-PSK is the best choice, if you computer(s) support it (probably, if it is a modern computer). WEP is less secure but is supported by more wireless client devices. For more information, read the Help in the modem-router's configuration interface web page.

click here

  skidzy 00:12 01 Dec 2006

Or update your firmware click here

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