Broadband connection problem

  keyser1070 23:36 01 Jan 2006

I have two laptops. When I plug the network cable into one my broadband works and I can get on the internet. On the other nothing happens even though the network connection appears to be working. I have not installed any specific software on either laptop.

For the laptop that does not work with the network cable, I can connect to wireless networks and then log in to the internet

Any ideas on what I can do to get onto the internet using the network cable?

  GuZ><0r 23:39 01 Jan 2006

Have you got the right cable. What type of cable is it. Is the cable linking to the router or other laptop.

  keyser1070 23:41 01 Jan 2006

Cable is the standard network cable and links to the router.

  Taff™ 23:52 01 Jan 2006

Might need a little more info on this one. Give us brief details of how you connect to the Internet. Is it Broadband through an ordinary USB modem or do you have a router? Where does the Wireless BB network come into the equation?

  keyser1070 23:56 01 Jan 2006

OK, the wireless part first, I piggy back on some unsecured wireless BB networks sometimes to get net sometimes, but the connection isn't always reliable!

The Broadband is part of the cable package and I connect to the box via a network cable.

What I don't understand is why it works with one laptop but not the other. I've checked the network propertied on both and they appear to be pretty similar.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 00:05 02 Jan 2006

check firewall settings

  Taff™ 00:07 02 Jan 2006

Ah! The first answer is the wrong answer - strictly illegal so we`ll move on quickly!

So it`s a Cable modem and you have a network card in the second laptop. I think this might have something to do with MAC filtering. Check the router set up to see if there is a MAC filtering option and that both MAC addresses for the two laptops are included. (Sorry not brilliant on Cable Modems so bear with me) What make and model of cable modem do you have and who`s the ISP?

  GuZ><0r 00:16 02 Jan 2006

The first answer of keyser1070's may not be illegal, if he has permission. If not then, well...

  Taff™ 00:17 02 Jan 2006

Thought so! This might help click here although I don`t know when this was written so it may be out of date.

Check firewall settings as suggested by Fruit Bat /\0/\ - That could be the simple answer!

  Taff™ 00:19 02 Jan 2006

Fair comment! Me jumping to conclusions again.

  Dipso 00:26 02 Jan 2006

But I suspect you are correct..."some unsecured wireless BB networks"...keyser1070?

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