Broadband Connection Problem

  babybell 20:04 29 Nov 2005

My girlfriends computer lost it's internet connection this afternoon whilst no one was on it and now it will not reconnect. She is online with BT broadband and is using a speedtouch 330 modem. Her PC is a Dell Dimension 2400 running XP. The connection has never been a problem but it dropped at some point this afternoon and when they try and reconnect now it says "invalid user name and password" even tho it has not changed. She tried a windows restore but it did not work. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  ade.h 20:13 29 Nov 2005

First thing to do: in the properties dialogue box for the faulty connection, check the box next to "prompt for name and password". Run the connection. Re-enter the correct name and password and attempt to connect.

  phono 20:16 29 Nov 2005

Are the lights on the modem showing that it has an ADSL connection?

Have you tried removing the modem and uninstalling the drivers and software before reinstalling them again?

  Peter J 20:20 29 Nov 2005

I am on BT broadband and the same thing happened to me approx 20 mins ago.
Ran the BT health check program and connection now established.

  Eric10 20:28 29 Nov 2005

L lost mine too and I'm with Pipex but connected through a BT line. Connection now ok.

  keewaa 20:31 29 Nov 2005

Weird, 2 people I know on Tiscali have the same thing an hour ago and are still off.

I've told them to switch off for the night and try again tomorrow.

  freaky 20:34 29 Nov 2005

The problem you have outlined is most likely due to a fault on your ISP's server. The symptoms you describe are the same as I occasionally have with NTL - and it always resolves itself.

  Dbiker 21:23 29 Nov 2005

Same problem for 2hrs on Wanadoo.all ok again now

  Wuggy 21:27 29 Nov 2005

I had the same problem - getting error 0691 (incorrect user name or password) or error 0718 (timed out while trying to make contact with remote computer). I am with Wanadoo and was off line between 1600 and 2030. Realised it would be an ISP problem so just had to be patient. All well now.
It's sometimes a lot easier just to wait a few hours rather than re-installing modems and software or using system restore etc. The above error messages appear to 'Catch all' messages which appear for all sorts of different server or ISP problems.

  ade.h 21:31 29 Nov 2005

Whenever this has happened to me, it has been cured by re-entering the password in the connection properties, as I suggested earlier. For some unknown reason, it seems that it can sometimes get corrupted.

  kbg 21:48 29 Nov 2005

This was one of my problems once, thought I had done something wrong, as you do, was on the phone to help centre for ages, they sorted it out for me, but there was no need really, cause it happened again and I decided to leave it untill next day and low and behold it was back to normal. We just panick sometimes I think. But arn't computers funny things?

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