Broadband Connection from domestic netowrk

  RickB 17:53 03 Apr 2003

I am currently running two PC's that are networked together with a common printer running from one of them.
BT are (finally) enabling our exchange to allow Broadband access so I am trying to figure out what I need to buy in additional hardware.

What I would like is a single unit that will act as a ADSL modem, a 4 port router (so that either computer can access either Broadband or each other) plus a port for my USB printer (HP laserjet 1220) so that either machine can print even if the other machine is off.

I can find lots of boxes that act as the ADSL Modem and 4 port switch(eg D-Link DSL-604), but the additional requirement of the printer input seems difficult.

Anyone got any ideas or do I have to buy a separate print server??


Are there any

  fitshase 18:28 03 Apr 2003

I think that you would need to buy a separate print server.

There are a few routers out there that act as print servers and switches but do not incorporate an ADSL modem.

If you do not want a large box on your desk for the print server, try going to (click here) and type in the search box "PS101" (without the "").

It is a small print server from Netgear that plugs into the back of your printer. However, it is for a parallel port so if your printer is only USB and does not have a parallel port then it will not work.

Hope this helps



  billyliv 20:34 03 Apr 2003

Hi, I have NTL broadband. Set up as follows:- Cable modem connected using a straight through Cat 5 cable to the WAN port on a 'D-link' DI-604 router. Connected to the router on port 1 is a downstairs computer running Win XP home, Printer connected to this computer is an HP photosmart.
Connected to ports 2 and 3 on the router are two computers upstairs running Win ME, connected to one of the upstairs computer is an Epson C42. All connection cables are straight through Cat 5. I can share files and the C42 printer between the ME computers but not on the XP computer. If I choose I can have three different web sites running at the same time but I keep it to two. Cheers, Bill

  billyliv 20:38 03 Apr 2003

Hi, Reading your post again I think you would need a printer with an 'Ethernet card' installed.Cheers, Bill.

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