Broadband connection cuts out when phone rings....

  dj_stu 15:35 27 Oct 2005

I've got a dial-up broadband connection with Wanadoo and every time the phone rings, the broadband disconnects and i cannot re-connect until the phone is back on the hook. The phone and the broadband connection are both plugged into a filter that goes into the phone line. How can I resolve this???


  w1z8rd 15:54 27 Oct 2005

Hi dj_stu don't know if it's the same as my forman at work but he had similar problem with homecall, and he had to put a filter on every phone socket in the house, I can't help personally as I'm on cable so I don't know what the norm is in this situation

  flyingbrit 16:31 27 Oct 2005

yea it says in install guide you need a filter on each socket in the house, upto a max of 3

  flyingbrit 16:32 27 Oct 2005

but that's for aol,.....I'm guessing it's the same for all adsl lines

  g0slp 16:44 27 Oct 2005

All phone sockets on ADSL, regardless of ISP, need a filter.

A few days ago this problem started - investigation showed that someone had removed the filter from one phone "because there's only the phone plugged in here..."

GGGrrrrr.... non-technical staff..... ;-)


  Jackcoms 17:01 27 Oct 2005

"yea it says in install guide you need a filter on each socket in the house, upto a max of 3"

That should read:

"you need a filter on each socket in the house which has something plugged into it ('phone, fax, Sky box, etc) and there is NO maximum".

  wee eddie 18:23 27 Oct 2005

What type of phone do you have?

  flyingbrit 05:32 28 Oct 2005

God I'm sorry!!!.....I'm thought it was obvious you only need a filter on a socket you've got somthing plugged into,and as for a max of 3,take a look on the aol install guide...that's what it says,but saying that it also says no more than a 10m extention cable and I've got 15m and mine works fine......britsdad

  flyingbrit 05:34 28 Oct 2005

can't spoll either!!!!!!!I think the keys on this board are in the wring place...rofl

  Jackcoms 06:59 28 Oct 2005

"take a look on the aol install guide"

Why? I'm not with AOL.

I'm with a proper ISP. ;-))

  dj_stu 08:33 28 Oct 2005

firstly, i'm not sure why everyone is talking about aol - is that who everyone else is with (i'm with wanadoo).

secondly, we only use one phone socket in the house - that has a filter on it, which we plug one phone and broadband into. surely, picking the phone up shouldn't affect it if they are in a filter together?? any more help would be much appreciated!!!

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