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  rob3600 01:04 18 Feb 2008

Hi all
Could someone please provide me with a reliable, fast broadband provider. I have tried Tiscali and Talktalk, the latter I would not recommand to anyone. However, with Tiscali, I am only able to manage about 0.5 meg download. Does it make any difference the type of telephone cable you run from your phone socket to your modem? Also does having internet explore and firefox on the syetem make and conflicts. I am running windows XP with SP2.

  tullie 01:09 18 Feb 2008

As far as im concerned,they are more or less,all the same,only the quality of Customer Service varies,the equipment to phone socket is supplied,have as many browsers as you like.I use Firefox and IE,mostly the former.

  Gandalph 01:38 18 Feb 2008

Forget Tiscali and Talk-Talk, too many people having problems with them. It goes without saying that different people will have their own opinions as to which is the best Broadband provider. For me all I can say is that I have been with BT now for the past eight years and have always had good service from them. I have rang them twice about Internet related problems and have always had them resolved within a couple of minutes. I can't fault my upload or download speeds with the service. It is not always consistent, but it's near enough for me.

  merciarich 07:01 18 Feb 2008

Virgin Broadband (Cable) all the way.

20MB package, no loss of data (as it works on fibre-optic cable and not telephone wire) - a good reliable service all round.

Tech support could be better, but name a company whos tech support is based in the UK nowadays!

  hastelloy 07:12 18 Feb 2008

I'm with Zen at the moment - thinking of trying Falconnet - see click here

  lofty29 10:09 18 Feb 2008

The quality of the connection over bt lines is crucial, as is the distance from the exchange,and the quality of the filters. pc needs to be as close as possible to master socket. Having said that, I am with virgin 8mb over bt line and the best I can get is about 500-600kb, and the customer service is very poor

  oldbeefer2 14:10 18 Feb 2008

Vispa - small company in Chester. When you ring (normal rate) an engineer answers straight away - brilliant!
The wirning in your house is critical. I had some major speed probs which disappeared when I moved my router to alongside the BT master socket. Poor extension leads/sockets could easily be the cause. If it's inconvenient to run a long ethernet cable, you could go down the wireless option. In the first place, you could try moving the whole shebang to the master socket to try the speeds. Remember they will vary dramatically depending on the time of day, so try early morning/late at night as well as during the day.

  Poitier 14:22 18 Feb 2008

Are you sure that you are not blaming ISPs for a possible fault on your system.i.e.Have you tried removing the faceplate from the phone master socket and connecting to the socket behind using a new filter? This only leaves the line in circuit.

  morris948 15:11 18 Feb 2008

as you only get 0.5 meg download like me, you must be many miles from the exchange.
i used to suffer lots of dropouts for long periods, and found that by connecting the adsl line at the master socket made a fantastic improvement, i believe that using extension boxes throughout the house causes noise on the line, even though the phone line is perfect for speech.
If you use wireless,and your PC is located a long distance from your Master socket, you can connect your router near to the phone master socket without extensions, and receive from your wireless adapter at the PC.

  palinka 16:51 18 Feb 2008

Talktalk now seems to be owned by AOL !!! Horrors.
I'm with Pipex, had good service for 4 years . I agree with POitier& others - it's probably your phone line, not your ISP that is causing the problem.

  rob3600 19:56 18 Feb 2008

Many thanks everyone for all your help. I will try the suggestions offered. Wish me luck!

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