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  Brito101 11:21 05 Jul 2007

Not sure if this is the corect forum. I'm trying to conect two other PC to my main machine. I have a talktalk connectiona and a netgear router. If I plug the router direct into the master phone socket, all phone points though out the house work, but the ADSL light on the router just flashes orange. If I remove the front cover of the master phone socket and plug the router direct into the testing socket, the broadband conection works, but obvously the rest of the phone sockets in the house do not.

Any ideas? (In case it matters, I also have Sky + in two rooms of the home)

  Brito101 12:27 05 Jul 2007

Yes, I have filters on all four phone sockets.

  T0SH 15:25 05 Jul 2007

Unplug all the phones sky boxes alarms ETC, then try the router connected to an extension point, if it works then disconnect the router plug in one of the phones then try to reconnect with the router, keep adding connections until the router again fails to connect, at this point you will learn which one or more connected items is causing the problem

Cheers HC

  ambra4 04:07 06 Jul 2007

Try this got it straight from a Openreach (Part of BT) engineer who now work outside UK

Speed/connection problems?

Simplify ALL the phone wiring in your house to an absolute minimum. Even sockets with no phones plugged in can cause problems with your ADSL, so disconnect them if you can.

Test your router/modem with your pc on the first socket in your house (where the phone line comes into your dwelling) do this with all phones and internal wiring disconnected. (To disconnect internal wiring to test, remove the lower half of the NTE (bt main socket) and plug in on the test socket in behind) this puts you on the end of the BT network.

If you cannot get a connection here then LISTEN on the phone line with a single phone in the same test socket for crackling or buzzing.

BT line only.

Do this by dialling 17070 and selecting 2. This gives you a quiet line test where you can listen for a bad quality line. (Bad line = poor ADSL)

If you have no crackling, buzzing, if you are on the test socket with your router and still have no connection, try another router. If that still doesn't work, it could be an exchange problem.

Contact your service provider (can be a hassle i know, but who else can you go to?) and insist you have tried everything your end to get a connection. Exchange problems do occur from time to time.

If you can get a connection at the test socket but nowhere else on your internal wiring, you have a problem with that wiring.

The number of people I have visited that tell me 'I have no problems with my wiring' only for me to see trapped wiring under doors, carpets and other high traffic areas, wires that have been stretched to hell to reach pc's/router/phones. Damp sockets, damaged internal wiring, ancient phones, incorrectly plugged in wiring/old modem cables/modem cables plugged into network ports in routers.

All these add up to YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

CHECK,CHECK and CHECK again for all of these problems.

Any of these issues can and will cause you to have broadband problems.

How far are you from your serving exchange? Do you know where it is? The further you live from the exchange the less speed you will get and the more likely you are to have connection problems. rural areas are even more prone. 7-8km is about the limit in my opinion for a decent service.

Hope this helps!

  Dipso 14:17 06 Jul 2007

Sound advice there from ambra4.

To add, when you remove the front cover of the master phone socket, check to see what wires are connected. Only wires 2 and 5 are required, the rest can be removed as they can be a source of interference.

The guide click here is helpful.

  Brito101 14:32 06 Jul 2007

Thanks for all members help and the time you have taken Ambra4. I will do all of the above, but I have also just purchased an NTE5 faceplate with built in filter to see if that helps.

Anyone had any experience with them?

  Brito101 14:39 06 Jul 2007

Thanks for all members help and the time you have taken Ambra4. I will do all of the above, but I have also just purchased an NTE5 faceplate with built in filter to see if that helps.

Anyone had any experience with them?

  Dipso 14:51 06 Jul 2007

I have used one. Depending on the brand, filtered faceplates negate the need for separate filters. They can either filter all extensions or provide an unfiltered extension to be used for the router.

You should still only connect wires 2 and 5 to the rear though or you may duplicate the original problem.

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