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  tele52 17:11 13 May 2007

My Virgin net broadband connection will drop intermittently. I then click on to re-connect to find that Virgin net in the connection box has been replaced with umahn, which tries to connect.I then bring back Virgin net and after a few tries it will re-connect me. I then go into Windows explorer/network connections and delete umahn only for it to return on another occasion.
I have searched my computer to try and find out what uhamn is with no luck. I am running Zone Alarm, AVG Virus, Ad-aware and Spybot and all are up to date and none have detected any problems. Anyone any ideas?

  eedcam 17:19 13 May 2007

Its neither virus nor malware look it up on Google

  Strawballs 17:20 13 May 2007

click here Try downloading and running this

  tele52 22:03 13 May 2007

Thanks for your tips.Tried both, Google comes up with nothing. Rogue Remover gives the computer a clean bill of health.
Any other ideas anyone??

  woodchip 22:09 13 May 2007

Try restore to a old date

  eedcam 23:00 13 May 2007

Google comes up with nothing well I found reference to uhamn Something to do with the modem as I said nowt to do with viruses. The fact you may not understand it does'nt warrant cant find nothing there
click here

  Vaughanster 23:11 13 May 2007

Hi tele52

What type of modem/router is it? Can you get to the GUI and see what's happening in there?
Any error messages other than what you've described?

  birdface 23:47 13 May 2007

Like tele52 I never found anything interesting on Google,Dont know what your click here was supposed to show.,

  p;3 00:26 14 May 2007

if you click on umahm where does it take you?

musty admit that I find eedcam'e replies a tad unhelpful

you could try running

click here

click here

fully update then and run on full deep scans to see if they find unwanted guests?

I wonder if you have picked up an unwanted house guest?

  eedcam 10:01 14 May 2007

Sorry if you cant follow my unhelpful reply but I cant understand why not. The original post was concerned uhamn was a virus or malware .Obviously most of you do to. If you read the postings on the forum I pointed to it is clear that it is not .I know nothing about Uhamn but it looks as if it is something to do with the modem connection they also refer to mgetty which is well posted on google.


Here's the thing.
I have 2 fresh Ubuntu machines. ('Uhamn' and 'ismh')

'ismh' need to use the modem to connect to 'Uhamn'.
'ismh' should be able to use 'ssh', 'scp' and 'vncviewer'.

What to do?
I have modems in both of them (they are right here beside me).
I have 2 telephone lines to test with.

I figured out to use 'System'>'Administration'>'Networking' and activaded the modems (and typing down the telephone numbers).

I've been reeding about wvdial, pptp, pppd and a lot of other ways to connect 2 computers to each oteher... ITS A JUNGLE!

Is there a easy whay?

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Re: Connect two fresh Ubuntus to eachother, use VNC and SSH


sudo apt-get install mgetty

is a good start

Then you have to add a line in /etc/inittab to connect the serial line to mgetty.

Then you connect mgetty to ppp.

Take a look at the examples/documentation found in the mgetty package.


  birdface 10:09 14 May 2007

Sorry mate,Read it a few times and completely missed the Uhamn connection,Thanks for pointing it out to me,

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