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  Jimbo50 00:04 05 Mar 2007

I recently changed to BT Broadband. One of the many problems I have is that the speed is slower than dial up!! The BT Broadband Help Desk (where I have spent many unhappy hours)told me that I have too many programmes on my PC!! My HDD is 110GB with 46% free (i.e. 50.5Gb)
Tonight I tried to download a file of 2.07 Mb and after 30 minutes had to cancel the download. My PC system is as follows:

Intel P4 CPU 2.53Ghz
512 Mb (DDR SRAM)
BT Broadband Wireless Home Hub
Linksys Wireless G Network Adapter

I have run, Spybot,Ad Aware Se, and Norton Spyware, I defrag and scandisc often, delete my temp files, temp internet files and history as I close each session. I have also changed my micro filter.
This is just one of my problems. I would be grateful for any help to resolve my problems.

  moorie- 00:37 05 Mar 2007

this is a link to test your broadband speed,try it at different times during the day as it can vary
you will then be armed with facts to go back to BT,also demand that they test your line
click here

others will add more but when you get the broadband speed boy you will see a difference,

  Aargh 10:08 05 Mar 2007

If BT told you that, then they speak rubbish.

Your problem will be confined to a few areas only:

The physical conditions on the line, including phone line,exchange and the servers you connect to your ISP (BT) with.

Your modem/router (the Homehub & linksys adapter).

Your Browser & firwall software.

Do an exchange check here
click here
Do a line speed test here
click here

The rest is down to your set up. If you use IE to browse, set it to default settings, disable your firewall and do a speed test. Also check your modem settings and set to default.

It is then you will likely find there is either a fault on your line, exchange, or the nature of your location.

Do you live a long way from the exchange? What is your broadband contract speed? You don't say what your expected and actual speeds are.

Up to 8mb etc is only a maximum - it all depends on your location, line, exchange etc - there are many variables that can affect it.

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