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  B Brush 21:33 21 Jul 2005

Last night upgraded to wanadoo's 2 meg service. Which is activated aleady.

It seems to take longer to connect than before and then does not appear to be any quicker, if fact probably slower than before.

I did run AVG, spybot, adaware, sysmech,defrag etc last night as to get a zippy performance.

I have been into control panel and looked at internet settings and my speedtouch modem is listed under dial up. Is this right when there is a broadband section? Have I done something by running all of the above? Do I need to do something that wanadoo haven't yet told me about? Or is there any other reason you can think of?

Any suggestions welcomed


  Dipso 22:12 21 Jul 2005

It is correct that your Speedtouch connection is shown under Dial up.

Running the programs you mention shouldn't have made a difference.

Try doing a few speedtests at different times of the day click here and see what results you get.

It is possible that you could have been moved over to a busier DSLAM at your exchange or a busier pipe by Wanadoo. Check for contention issues at your exchange click here

  Mr Beeline 22:28 21 Jul 2005

Yes... I agree also that it should be shown under "dial up".

One thing you could check... Double click your speedtouch icon in the system tray, this gives you the diagnostics. Press the green arrow to expand the window, click the ADSL tab. If you line is sync'd to the exchange at 2 MB, it should show 2272 in the receive box. This of course only shows your "theorectical" max speed. Your ISP could be throttling you back. Though in your case, this should not be the case.

As to speed tests. I find a real world test gives you a better idea of your true download speed. Try downloading a LARGE file like the latest drivers for your graphics card. Windows will then give you a nifty ongoing read out of your download speed. A 2 MB link should give a download speed of something in the region of 200-250 KBps.

For more info from the speedtouch modem. You could install Dr Speedtouch (should have come with your modem). Run the diagnostics in Dr Speedtouch, write the diagnostic log to your hard drive and check that. There are a number of things in there that may shed further light on any problems.

Good luck...

  B Brush 21:20 27 Jul 2005

Thanks for your ideas.

The speed tests genrally run somewhere between what a 512K and (nearly) what a 2 meg connection should. altough was once less than dial up.

All the settings are correct. But have problems with showing download speed, when downloading actual file from the net, just est times given.

I think the problem may lie somewhere other than the connection. I have noticed that when my home page connects I get action canceled messages where some adverts used to be. I assume that whatever is causing these to fail is causing the speed problem.

I have tried updating IE6, running updates on adaware and AVG and performing scans. removed the one critical from adaware and nothing from AVG.

Spybot showed a problem from error nuker, which I had installed. Removed the whole program and let spybot remove the problem.

Run CCleaner, Reg Seeker, etc.

I've no idea what else I can do.

Any more suggestions will be more than appreciated.

Thanks again

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