Broadband Connection.

  cinabar 13:04 21 Jul 2004

Here’s the problem. We have a telephone entry point down stairs by the front door and both our computers are upstairs. So OK, we got a ‘special’ cable to carry the signal upstairs, when we changed to Broadband. We got two modems from Freeserve as we wanted to be able to use either machine, without having both on via networking. So we plug one machine in and it works perfectly, take the plug out and plug in the other machine and, again, it works. Now we bought a dual connector, one male plug one side and two female plug holes the other side. Plug both computers in and nothing works. With the dual connector not even one machine will work. We tried another dual connector, but still the same.
Any suggestions.

  stlucia 13:23 21 Jul 2004

I think the simple answer is that you can't connect two BB modems into the same line. You need some kind of a hub to let the PCs share the access.

  Sir Radfordin 13:26 21 Jul 2004

stlucia is correct, you can only connect one ADSL modem to the line at a time. Connect one or the other and it will work. Connect both and neither will work.

The only option you have is to network using a router or Windows Internet Connection Sharing. A router would be the best option

  gold 47 13:32 21 Jul 2004

It sounds like your Broadband modemes are hand shaking this will not work i have two modems running with AOL Broadband i have master socket downstairs extension cable from this to feed upstairs i have no problems with the BT Voyager all i can even leave both computers powered up but i could not do this with a Dlink Modem i had to power one computer down.I trust your using a ADSL filter

  Graham ® 13:33 21 Jul 2004

Correct! If the exchange detects two modems on one line it sees it as a fault and disables broadband.

  cinabar 13:50 21 Jul 2004

Ok, thanks. I'll look into routers. Seems the best way to go. many thanks.

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