Broadband connected but cant view web

  rednirt 09:26 27 Feb 2008

Hi there,
I am on orange broadband,it has been working fine for the past year,but now the modem is connected there are two solid lights,but when you connect and you try to get on the web,it says the web page can be viewed as you are not connected,but the modem is connected,
any advice ould be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks

  rednirt 09:29 27 Feb 2008

Sorry meant to put cannot be viewed*

  Technotiger 09:29 27 Feb 2008

Try resetting the modem, if there is a reset button press and hold for a few seconds, if no reset button disconnect Power, wait ten seconds and then re-connect power.

  rednirt 09:33 27 Feb 2008

Thanks for your reply,but i have done al this several times but with no joy,i have even unistalled modedm and reinstalled it but no joy.
Any more suggestions?
Many thanks

  birdface 09:46 27 Feb 2008

Control Panel.Network Connections.Right click local area connection and press repair.See if it finds any faults.If on IE7 make sure that it is set to default web browser.Tools.Internet Options.Programs,And it is half way down.

  rednirt 10:01 27 Feb 2008

Hi i just done what you had advised,but still the same,i tried to click on the local area to repair it but the repair link does not light up to be clicked.

  Technotiger 10:06 27 Feb 2008

I have never used Orange - perhaps if you contact them, they might have an answer for you.

  rednirt 10:20 27 Feb 2008

Yes think i might have to,was trying on here first tho because if you phone orange broadband they charge 50p a minute to call,so looks like im going to have to,looks like there could be a problem with the modem,Thanks for your help

  Terry Brown 10:25 27 Feb 2008

Try disconnecting the cable and reversing it. i.e. the end from the modem to the computer and Visa-versa.
If you can get a spare cable, try that as it may be a bad connection at the cable end(yes, they do need maintaince now and then).
If this fails contact orange and ask them to check the connections from their end.

  rednirt 13:19 27 Feb 2008

Need help again please,i can not phone orange technical help as its a premium number and i have all premium numbers blocked on my landline.
So if any1 can help it will be mostly appreciated

  beb 13:50 27 Feb 2008

click here

getting the same problem

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