Broadband Conneciton Problems

  joebloggs1 19:32 24 Jun 2004

Been on freeserve broadband for about 11 and half months without any real problems. About 2 weeks ago connection dropped and ever since had numerous problems. Sometimes can't connect at all, other times it connects (on now) but disconnects if phone used that can't get back on.
Its not filters - I even installed a professional filter.
Its not modem have I have a copperjet modem plus a Sparkcom ADSL modem router and used both quite happily for months nad now both havve same problem.
I think its probably BT line, it can be very noisy when using it, but I amjust getting fobbed off by both BT and Freeserve Technical Support.
Anybody had similar or got any suggestions??

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:49 24 Jun 2004

Not really helping but a friend of mine is having huge connection problems with Freeserve/wanadoo or whatever they are called. It sunds suspiciously like a line problem. can BT do a line check for you or are they working in the vicinity?


  Graham ® 20:19 24 Jun 2004

Dial 151 and select line test. If that is clear, raise a fault on 151 as intermittently noisy and cutting off. BT will not take a broadband fault from you, this has to be done by your ISP.

  joebloggs1 00:04 02 Jul 2004

Still got this problem after nearly 3 weeks, numerous call to Freeserve technical support who have been hopeless and BT who say the voice is OK but won't look into te Broadband because this has to go through ISP - Written complaint to Freeserve etc but....
An interesting thing now occurs and I wondered if anyone had heard anything similar. When the line drops I can make it re-connect by making a phone call. Been ringing the freefone 0800800151 BT number to do this and works practically everytime(although now and again I also have to reboot the router). Anybody come across this before??

  Maltman 19:48 02 Jul 2004

Had the same problem myself about 3 months ago. BB connection kept going down, but a phone call usually fixed it. Spent ages trying all the suggestions from Pipex. Nothing worked. The BT line test said everything was OK. Eventually Pipex got a BT engineer out who spent 2 hours checking my line. Again the line was OK. He then tested the line "downstream" outside the house and discovered that was where the fault lay. Since then, I have had no problems (famous last words).

  joebloggs1 19:57 07 Jul 2004

Contacted today by BT to say they had investigated a fault reported by Freeserve and there had been a problem with the line at the Exchange - they have made changes and blieve fault is now fixed - Only a few hours but so far so good

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