Broadband Confusions

  Randum Ian 09:14 31 Mar 2004

I am looking into installing broadband at home and I got a quote from the
only supplier that Hull gets, Kingston. They are going to charge me £65
connection fee and £65 for a modem and two micro-filters but having a look
on I have found their cheapest ADSL modem is £17.50 and a
micro-filter (only need one) is £4.50 which means I save £43 (£65 - £17.50
- £4.50) and it would then only cost me £87 (£65 + £22) and then £34.99 a
month for unlimited transfer or £27.99 for 1GB limit per day.

Should I ask what modem I would get with the offer or would any suffice?
Would 1GB be enough or should I get unlimited? Fewer share a connection on
the unlimited one 30:1 instead of 50:1.

  westdudes 09:21 31 Mar 2004

hi, to be honest i wouldnt consider kingston if thats how much they charge.

may i suggest you look at bt or even aol. They can supply free modem, free connection. and charge i think its 25quid a month bt and 28quid a month aol.unlimited 512kbps download 256kbps upload.

Im on aol, the latest software. aol 9.0 has NOT caused a single problem on my computer and alot of other people on here and people i know reccomend even worked with my home network.,and i assure u, i dont work for them!
helpline free aswell btw.
but too answer your question, kingston seem to be charging you a liiiitttllleeee too much.

try someone else

  westdudes 09:23 31 Mar 2004

sorry...misread only supplier in hull??????

hmmmmmmmmmmmmm that bad.sorry, ill have a look to see if there is another supplier. but if they r the only ones then thats obviously why they charging way too much

sorry about that!

  Randum Ian 09:27 31 Mar 2004

If I could get somewhere else then I would mate believe me! Hull is on a private phone network which is owned by Kingston not BT which means nobody can supply broadband (at the moment!) except Kingston.

If you could find someone else then please let me know because I have been searching for some months.

  Aspman 09:33 31 Mar 2004

Pipex will supply 2x microfilters and a usb modem for £18 if you take their SoloToGo package. Also no connection fee if you stay for a year. It is a one month contract with them but if you cancel within 12 months you become liable for the connection fee. I've had it for a few weeks now and I'm very pleased with it. There are a lot of happy Pipex customers in this forum so I would give them consideration. I was connected in 4 working days.

  westdudes 09:38 31 Mar 2004

just spoke to an aol person,

try this.....they provide some parts of hull and you might be in look

click here

if link dont work go to click here and have a search around on the broadband pages to see if your eligeble

  Randum Ian 09:42 31 Mar 2004

Aspman, I can't get Pipex in my area. I have already tried them.

westdudes, I have tried AOL as well. I can't even get AOL unlimited because of the restrictions Kingston have put on them. I used to be on AOL and we got a letter saying that they had to cut the time down.

  westdudes 09:48 31 Mar 2004

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr kingston money grabbing (and a few other nasty words i can think) sods.


whether uve dun it or not it still worth it too keep trying different isp's and just see if broadband available.
some gain extra access too diferent areas of the uk daily.anywayz ill post bk if i find anything

  Randum Ian 09:51 31 Mar 2004

I know, it sucks but that is life! :o)

Anyway back to my original question do different brands of ADSL modems perform better or worse?

  westdudes 11:11 31 Mar 2004

in some ways, yes.such as different adsl modems connect to the line at different speeds but its not usually that greater difference. there are some tacky ones like the voyager100 modems which have less reliability. you could try click here and look in the modem section because these ones are pretty reliable in terms of being connected and staying connected where as some when they get a little hot (usually the very cheapest ones) have a tentdency to lack continuous use.

i use a speedtouch adsl modem. never had a single problem with it.i have also got a voyager modem which kept cutting off alot.
anywayz have a look at modems around 25 quid.they usually good.but maybe that one u saw is gud?what kind is it?(make wise)

  MandT 12:19 31 Mar 2004

Kingston do have special offers running at various times of the year, free instalation and setup. Suggest you wait for one of them to come round. (i did)

As for their service, it really isnt bad. I have had no problems with my connection over the last 18 months. Plus if you ever do have problems, at least their helpline is a local call.

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