Broadband - configuring PC

  Hughir 16:36 21 Jan 2004

I have Tiscali broadband working on one PC and want to configure a second PC to use the same connection. I realise that I can't use both at the same time and also don't want to network the PCs. I have installed the modem software onto the second PC but can't get a connection only fault code 678. Both lights come up on the modem. I am sure that it is something to do with the Internet connection configuration on my PC. On the first PC under Internet Properties/ Connections/Settings/Properties/General it lists a dial up and ADSL connection but on my second PC, the drop down box for General is blank! Any ideas how to change the configuration would be much appreciated.

  spikeychris 16:39 21 Jan 2004
  rambus 18:10 21 Jan 2004

if you buy a router ( Q-TEC ) £29.99 you can share a broadband connection with 2 or more pc`s . you dont have to network them just make sure you use staight thru cables. you can then have only one pc on the net or all of them at the same time.its a doddle to set up.

  vinnyo123 02:28 22 Jan 2004

I agree with rambus,a router will clone your Main PC's MAC address so you can share connection with more than one PC.Your trying to access your ISP with two different MAC's the way your doing it so you either need to use a router or ICS on main PC.Your ISP has your main PC's MAC already so your PC can communicate with there network(routers)If you use another PC different MAC you will need another IP form your ISP.To communicate over any network you need an unique IP and MAC address...............hope this helps

  frazky 03:46 22 Jan 2004

there is a PCA-mag article recently-- also see older threads with DeSsie's contributions on this.

  gold 47 15:18 22 Jan 2004

If your using a second ADSL modem the other computer must be powered down not left in stand bye,have you got call waiting on your line??

  Hughir 18:07 22 Jan 2004

Thank you for all your comments & suggestions.
Spikeychris - I have tried the suggestions without success. When I follow up the link to check my Broadband settings in XP it confirms my theory that my Tiscali Broadband Properties menu is incorrect. Under the General tab, mine is blank and I can't find anyway of changing it. I have both a dial up and braodband modem connected. In fact under the general tab for the dial up connection, it shows "Connect using" and the modem! Any ideas? Many thanks

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