Broadband!!! Choices

  the flying monkey 12:07 11 May 2004

I use the interent quite a lot for downloading music, videos, general research and information. At the moment i only have a 56k connection and was looking to upgrade to a broadband connection of 512k or higher. I am currently with aol and although i am not unhappy with the service i have been told it isn't as good as others.

The only problem is that there are so many different companies out there. I am a bit confused to say the least.

I just want a fast no frills connection for about £20-27 a month. can you lot suggest anything.

Also what are the security problems of being connected all of the time? and how do i overcome these?

  byfordr 12:13 11 May 2004

Fast24! £27.50 1mb, £37.50 2mb click here

click here

Turn off your modem (router?) when your not using it. If it not on, they can't get in!

Get a decent AV. Get a firewall (Xp one is rubbish)

click here spybot click here Adaware

click here spyware blaster start page guard click here

Clean you system with spybot and adaware. Then add spywareblaster, and startpage guard (also immunise in spybot)

Download all, install, update, run.



  TomJerry 12:17 11 May 2004

fast24 look good, also check out plusnet: click here.

All adsl are from BT, different companies just reseller. If you want to get something different, try cable.

  the flying monkey 12:21 11 May 2004

i looked at their website and it looks ok but i'm still gonna have to buy the modem separately.

are there any particular modems that u would recommend for under £50?

  Stuartli 12:25 11 May 2004

Pipex, a top notch ISP for business and home users, has been providing a first class service and support since 1991 - its standard broadband cost is approximately £23 a month.

During the past eight years I've been with Pipex (it was my first SIP) I have only had to get in touch with it once and support help was virtually instantaneous....:-) My son is equally happy with Pipex.

On the other hand my other ISP Tiscali and I often have a running battle, mostly by e-mail, about the various cockups it has perpetrated...

  TomJerry 15:17 11 May 2004

But, you need to think it in "long" term and get right one.

(1) Do you intend to share internet connect with a few PCs. If the answer is yes, then get a router with asdl modem buildin, Ebuyer 4 Port ADSL Modem Router £38.77 click here
(very good, I am using it myself). You need to have a network (lan) port for it. If you do not have one, get a network PCI card for £4.31 click here

(2) If you do not want to network PCs and your PC has no Lan (network) port, get a usb asdl modem Ebuyer ADSL USB Modem £15.27 click here

(3) If you intend to network a few PCs and share internet connection with a few PCs Wirelessly in future. Get a all in one product, modem, router, wireless access point, firewall D-Link DSL-G604T 54Mbps ADSL Wireless Router £94.71 click here
or Belkin ADSL Modem with Built-in 802.11g Wireless Router £69.15 click here

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