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  SURVEY 18:00 03 Dec 2009

I presently am with Orange for my broadband. The service has been getting worse over the years (from Freeserve, Wanadoo etc). However it has now settled down to 1.2kps - best I can get in my village. My contract expires early next year and I have the choice of renewing or going elsewhere. Difficult to get an answer fro Orange but cost could be £12.99 or £19.99 per month depending where you check online! BT I am with for Option 3 (anytime calls & rental) and have tried to find the cost for adding broadband but again their website is hopeless and cost could be £19 per month. Plusnet is the cheapest but their webmail was poor when I last checked it out.

What I need to know is as BT has control of the lines aam I likely to get a more consistent speed with BT than with Orange? As extra people in our village switch to broadband, my speed is suffering.

  birdface 18:08 03 Dec 2009

Maybe 02 Broadband.

click here

  GaT7 18:11 03 Dec 2009

See if you can get O2 click here / Be click here by checking at click here.

I'm with O2, & they come well recommended, with some others on this forum having posted about them in the past click here

If you go via a cashback site you can reduce the cost even further.

O2: click here / click here

Be click here / click here

You need to be registered & logged-in at any one of the above sites, then follow any one of their links to be eligible. G

  john bunyan 19:07 03 Dec 2009

Like you, I am thinking of changing (from Tiscali) but as any ISP can be taken over or get worse, I am determined not to lock in to a long contract. If I change it will be to Zen (top of "Which" list) and keep BT as telephone line supplier. Zen are one of the few with one month rolling contracts and a UK based help centre.

  amonra 20:25 03 Dec 2009

I used to be with Orange/Wanadoo until like you the service got so bad I jumped ship and went to Newnet. Monthly contract and good sevice. Friends who I have recommended have had the same good service and have said the customer care service is first class, highly recommended.

  User-1229748 20:40 03 Dec 2009

is there no cable where you are?what i wouldn't give to have a cable connection where i've just moved to :o(

  SURVEY 20:48 03 Dec 2009

No cable. No gas or mains drainage either!!

  SURVEY 20:52 03 Dec 2009

Somebody once told me that if yu havee BT Broadband they maintain the bandwidth however many customers that BT Broadband have on the exchange but other suppliers like say Orange have to divide their number of customers into their given bandwidth - thus the more customers the slower speed. Is there any truth in this as it could help me decide whether to go to BT or another ISP

  User-1229748 21:22 03 Dec 2009

i wish i'd gone with bt,but thats only because we have a fault on our are not sympathetic if you leave them :o(

  ol blueeyes 21:33 03 Dec 2009

I personally would recommend o2 good service, they are anxious to please and you get what you pay for. I've just changed in the last couple of weeks from Virgin Cable. To me o2 is far superior. o2 speeds that I get are almost as good as what I sometimes got from Virgin and o2 are cheaper.

  SURVEY 21:35 03 Dec 2009

Is there webmail on O2?

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