Broadband Change

  laurie53 10:42 06 Jun 2005

Morning All

My initial twelve month broadband contract has just expired, and there are now cheaper/faster/bigger deals available. Question - how much hassle is it to change providers, and how long is your connection down for?


  Charlie Babbage 10:57 06 Jun 2005

I'm surprised that you have apparantly 'gone up to the wire' and let your existing subscribtion expire before exploring the possible alternatives.

I've not had personal experience as I'm still on dial up connection! However, my friend has a Telewest contract that also includes satellite TV so one question is does your expired contract just provide Broadband or is there anything else?

Another point is does your existing connection include a free email facility that you use frequently? If so and you decide to change, you'll have to advise your new address to all existing contacts or arrange for emails sent to existing address to be automatically forwarded to new address if that is possible.

Apart from that, I don't know of any other snags about changing your provider, although there may be other members who have had bad experiences!

  laurie53 11:25 06 Jun 2005

Thanks Charlie.

I have already looked at what's available, and know who I want to move to, but I am now looking at the nitty gritty, e.g. will my connection be down for an hour, a day, a week? Will I need new modem?

With dial up it was a fairly simple operation (I changed about four times!), but I don't know about broadband.

I only ever use my providers to actually connect, and never use any of their services. In fact their home page is not even among my bookmarks, and I don't think I've been onto their site more than twice since I got connected!


  flavas 12:23 06 Jun 2005

If it is Adsl broadband, it can take up to 3 weeks for the service provider to make the change

  BH34 12:46 06 Jun 2005

You should contact your existing ISP and ask them to provide you with a Migrations Authority Code (MAC) Code. A MAC code is used to authenticate the migration request from your current isp. The use of a MAC makes migrations between ISPs simpler and quicker to validate enabling the migration to be completed in a much shorter timescale than previously possible. Please make the ISP aware that you are migrating to a new isp and do not want your ADSL service ceased (cancelled) until the migration has been completed.

  laurie53 14:25 06 Jun 2005

Thanks everybody, that seems to have covered it


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