broadband for cable users without a BT phoneline

  palinka 15:11 21 Jul 2007

My sister has cable from Telewest (now Virgin) which provides her TV programmes and her phone – so no BT phone line.
On the Telewest phone she has had a Tiscali PAYG dial-up for years , and of course a Tiscali email account.
Now she's thinking of having a broadband connection, and as Virgin have recently written offering BB at £10 a month for 12 months (plus a connection fee of £25!) she's thinking of going for that.
But I wonder if there are other options for people like her who don't have a BT phone-line.
Any advice gratefully received; and while we're at it – will she have to change her email account/address if she does choose the Virgin offer?

  Fingees 15:27 21 Jul 2007

As Telewest is part of Virgin, I would suspect that it is the only supplier of broadband available on that cable link.

Re Email

She will have a new email address.

However if she keeps her Tiscali PAYGO account, and actually dials up about every six weeks, it will keep her dial up account open, and hence her old email address will be accessible even via broadband.

She can gradually introduce her contacts to her new email address.

I am on BT BB and use orange, and Supanet email addresses for various reasons, and as long as I dial up within 90 days for a few minutes, the accounts stay open.

  palinka 15:41 21 Jul 2007

thanks, Fingees. That's what I suspected. I know people complain about BT as a phone co, but NOT having their line is very limiting.
Nothing to do with this current topic, but a friend recently remarked that he was no longer getting mesages left on 1571 - he hadn't realised that when he left BT he lost that facility, ammongst others.

  jakimo 16:12 21 Jul 2007

I recently changed from tiscali dial-up to virgin Media phone|broadband,Virgin will arrange for the first part of the email address (xxx@) to remain the same,so your new address would be (old [email protected]). Tiscali will go on charging you if you keep their account open.

If you set-up the broadband account on-line they will fore-go the connection charge

  palinka 16:57 21 Jul 2007

thanks for that, jakimo. At the moment she has a problem getting on line, but I'll pass on your info about the connection charge, in the hope that she manages to sort it.

  grizzley 18:00 21 Jul 2007

i have virgin media 20mb broadband used to be ntl.

before going to virgin make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. bad customer service, poor internet service and generally poor altogether, there are hundreds of people with virgin who are totally disappointed in the service to see what people are saying goto the cablehell website where you can read the gripes of people who feel let down by there provider mainly virgin media.

  martjc 18:07 21 Jul 2007

VirginMedia don't use the phone line for broadband? They provide an extra cable for dedicated BB services. Ring them and tell them you want BB. An engineer will come and do the job.

  palinka 18:10 21 Jul 2007

that's the kind of concern that made me ask the original question - are there any alternatives for BB if you haven't got a BT phone?

  VoG II 18:20 21 Jul 2007

I'm a completely delighted Virgin Media (formerly Telewest) customer. I've been with them for almost 6 years. In that time I have had three problems:

1. An outage for about 2 hours - once in 6 years.

2. Problem with their e-mail server a few years ago that took a couple of weeks for them to fix.

3, Recently received a new (free) modem to get the best out of my new (free upgrade) 20 MB connection. I had to activate it by phone but then couldn't connect to the net. I phoned Technical Support (50 P/min) - the guy phoned me back to save me the cost of the call and had me reconnected to the net within 15 minutes.

  palinka 18:51 21 Jul 2007

thanks everyone.
Yes, martjc, I realise that because she has everything on cable - that's why she doesn't have a BT phone 'cos the phone is part of the Telewest(now Virgin) package.
Good to hear your positive experience, VoG™. In any case, judging by absence of responses saying "Try this; or this..." it looks as though there are no alternatives - or at least , no alternative without much higher cost; so she'll be ordering next week.

  palinka 18:55 21 Jul 2007

and a final thought for anyone accessing this thread: jakimo said Tiscali will continue charging if she keeps her acount open, but not so - it's a PAYG so at present she simply pays for the phone call each time, no acount payment to tiscali. And if it were a monthly account it's usually possible to switch it to a PAYG in order to keep it open without any charge.

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