Broadband with cable

  Jsimbaz 22:11 28 May 2005

I currently have blueyonder broadband (telewest) 1mb, the modem for this is connected by ethernet to my wireless router.

I do not have a bt line, and because of this, I am finding it hard to find a very fast (4/8mb) broadband connection for a good price. I have an old bt line into my house but this would cost to get it back to working order, + the £10.50 monthly line charge for bt line.

If I did get a bt line (+10.50) I have the problem that I do not live in a exchange area where an isp has installed their own equipment in the exchange (i don't think) I live in a place called Clevedon, area code 01275.

I would like someone to recommend a fast (4/8mb) service for a good price

Any help appreciated,


  VoG II 22:13 28 May 2005

blueyonder do a 4 mb/s broadband service - £50/month.

  Jsimbaz 11:00 29 May 2005

is there anything cheaper than that, i'm annoyed that some people can get an 8mb service for 30quid a month! click here

  SEASHANTY 11:26 29 May 2005

Just checked your link. Under Lancashire it lists Oldham (live). Inputting my postcode brings up "Congratulations BB is available in your area".
Proceeding further it urns out that ONLY the 500 for £9-99 or the 1MB for £19-99 is available. Maybe many other areas will give just the two options.
Think I will still stay with NTL BB - currently 2MB
for £24-99 with a 1GB monthly cap. I do not even use a quarter of this limit.

  pj123 15:28 29 May 2005

SEASHANTY, NTL BB 2mb for £24.99 is a 1gb per DAY cap not per month. (30gb per month) I am on the same.

  SEASHANTY 16:27 29 May 2005

Thanks for telling me what I really meant to say. Seems its not only my typing but also my memory which is getting worse.

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