Broadband with BT charges- Help please

  hinny 16:50 21 Oct 2004

We had BTAnytime which change to BTYahoo Anytime at £15.99 a month, The payment charged to our credit card. We changed to BT Broadband at 24.99 a month, the payment being added to our telephone bill. We now find we are paying both, a total of
£40.96. WE have today contacted BT, but we cant get anywhere with it. I understood the payament for broadband was a one monthly payment of £24.99.
Can anyone advise us if this is correct, thanks.

  Magik ®© 17:20 21 Oct 2004

the 500kb BB is 26.99 a month, the 1meg BB is 29.99, then you pay your phone bill on top of that.

  Mad Mick 18:16 21 Oct 2004

Changing to BT Broadband does not automatically cancel your BT Yahoo Anytime payment. BT and BT Yahoo are two different companies (confusing isn,t it) and you need to contact BT Yahoo to cancel your contract with them (provided you have served the minimum term of their contract with you), then that will leave you with only one payment which will be to BT Broadband.

Provided you have discharged your minimum period of the contract and they still refuse to help then cancel your credit card payment to BT Yahoo Anytome.

  wjrt 18:19 21 Oct 2004

£24.99 per month for 512mb if you pay by direct debit on phone bill but as per all BT service charges is 3 months in advance ie if they send you a bill they add the broadband in to the service charge the same way as the line charges

  hinny 18:20 21 Oct 2004

WE are paying for broadband plus telephone bills and calls to BT all on our telephone bill. The broadband being £74.97 a quarter including vat. Then our line rental and calls are added. However we are stll being charged by BTYahoo £14.99 a month, which is what we were paying for BT Anytime before we upgraded to broadband, surely this should have stopped once we took broadband ?? I cannot understand why we have to pay this. I thought BT and BTYahoo were the same more or less. Can anyone tell me what I should be paying a month as I am considering now changing ISP. but which one I don't know.(Any recomendations woould be welcome )
Sorry to appear so ignorant but I feel I am being charged twice.

  Mad Mick 18:28 21 Oct 2004

Are you paying the £14.99 per month to BT Yahoo anytime by credit card?

  hinny 18:32 21 Oct 2004

Sorry Mad Mick and wjrt, your answers came in whilst I was typing. WE phoned BTYahoo about this and they cancelled the £15.99 payment but were non commital about refunding the four months payments. I then tried to enter BTYahoo to look at my mail and I could not, the account had been cancelled. We then telephoned them again and they put my email address on BTYahoo/basic mail which is free. But what I was desparate to know if I was wrong in thinking that there should be only one charge for the broadband, which you have all confirmed that there is.
WE have definately decided to go to another provider as soon as we can sort BTYahoo out, we were never told to cancel the cc. payment or that they are two separate companies both being headed BT.
Thank you , cheers

  hinny 18:34 21 Oct 2004

Yes, deducted monthly from July to October. I only realised this confusuion when I got the telephone bill with the broadband charges on it.

  Mad Mick 18:43 21 Oct 2004

Please refer to my previous post. You are being billed by two separat companies and you need to terminate the BT Yahoo Anytime contract. I know it is annoying, I myself have been down this same road.

  hinny 19:18 21 Oct 2004

were you able to recover any dulpicate payment ?. I am £64.96 out of pocket and being an oap, I really can't afford that amount.Thank you for your help.

  hinny 19:21 21 Oct 2004

ps. BtYahoo say they have cancelled the Anytime account this afternoon, but we will ring the credit card company tomorrow just to make sure.

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