Broadband Basics ????

  7 22:54 30 Nov 2006

I am connected to AOL 8mbps but acc to BT I should get upto 6-7mbps speed as xchange is 1mile away.

how can i check the speed of broadband? I am using site, and how to interpret results as one say dowloading speed 867kbps and uploading speed 347kbps.

Also wat is 8mbps means as somebody told me that donload speed is 1/8 of connection speed and upload speed is 1/16 connection speed.

help plz...

  terryf 23:02 30 Nov 2006

You may be in for a disappointment because your speed will depend on which day, time of day, how many others are using broadband. I sometimes use speed checkers and get 6mb sometimes like just now at click here about 1500. I think that unless you perceive that your web page update on somewhere like BBC news is very slow, it isn't worth chasing your tail

  Kev.Ifty 23:02 30 Nov 2006
  7 23:40 30 Nov 2006

Thanku for the comment.
I checked the speed as u advice on namesco website it it sates that dowload speed is 1578kbps and upload speed is 276 kbps....can somebody tell me how to interpret this? i think download speed shlud b 8mbps or near may b 6mbps but it is showing 1.5mbps.

  Stuartli 23:46 30 Nov 2006

Based on your figures the download speed is just under 1.6MB and the uploading just slightly better than on a basic 2MB connection.

Have you tried the ADSLguide speed check?

Needs to be run several times over a period to get a reasonable average.

  7 23:56 30 Nov 2006

ADSL Downstream 1,335.4 Kbps ( = 1.3 Mbps )
Upstream 363.9 Kbps ( = 0.4 Mbps )
now cansomebody explain is this correct that i will get 1/8 of connection speed as download and 1/16 as upload speed???

  CurlyWhirly 15:47 02 Dec 2006

"now can somebody explain is this correct that i will get 1/8 of connection speed as download and 1/16 as upload speed???"

Slightly lower actually as you have to take overheads into account.

The 448 upload speed doesn't include 'overheads' and so I usually get around 370 Kb.

Similarly you never get the full 8 Mb as you have to take 'overheads' into account meaning that the most you are ever likely to get is 7.15 Mb.

As my line is just over 4 km in length, I usually get 3.5 Mb off a 4 Mb sync and it's fast enough for me.

  CurlyWhirly 15:55 02 Dec 2006

p.s. I think the reference to 1/8 and 1/16 is actually referring to the fact that your current 1 Mb download speed is aproximately 1/8 of the maximum possible sync - 8128.

Perhaps 1/16 comes because 448 is aproximately 1/16 of the 8128.

The 1/8 and 1/16 don't really come into it as your connection speed will adapt to your line taking into account factors such as line length and quality.

  Dipso 16:53 02 Dec 2006

Like CurlyWhirly says your potential speed depends on your line quality.

Posting your line stats from your router or modem can tell us what your connection speed is and therefore what your potential download speed could be click here

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