(Broadband) Automatic Authentication

  User-28C716A3-75ED-442C-96E9A5F4CAD21242 17:02 27 Oct 2004

I have two broadband accoounts, two PC's in different locations/buildings.

One of my PC's that connects to the ISP using a ZOOM modem connects to the internet automatically via 1394 so that when I contact to the PC remotely using PCANYWHERE after a system reboot, the connection has been made to the internet to allow me to enter the windows XP user name and passwords to remotely log the system onto XP.

The second PC uses the same ISP and a different account and a Fujitsu 300 modem. It creates a connection to the ISP via dial-up and not 1394.

This appears to prevent a connection being made to the internet until the Windows XP login has been made locally. I can't get this machine to auto authenticate the broadband connection and don't understand why one PC connects automatically and the other won't.

The way I have overcome this is by removing the local requirement for the PC to request user details and I placed Internet Explorer in the startup folder which forces a connection when all this has been executed.

I would however prefer to have windows XP user accounts created.

Any suggestion on how to resolve this.


  hillybilly 17:59 27 Oct 2004

Are you sure you are using 2 modems or is the zoom a modem/router also 1394 is what is referred to as a firewire connection. Every modem or router that I have come across is either USB or Ethernet(RJ45).

Who is your ISP?

My ISP is Eclipse networking. As for using two modems, that is definite as one PC is located in Devon and the other in Hampshire.

Any other suggestions to what I can do to auto-connect?


  hillybilly 22:42 27 Oct 2004

Don't think I made myself very clear!

You say you have 2 modems, what I am trying to establish is, are they just modems or are they modem/routers?

To be honest I am not sure. I am under the impression that they are both modems but that is clearly not going to help unless I am certain.

I am not sure what the difference is.

The modem/router which stays connected all the time is shown in the device manager as a "Zoom USB Modem", also created at the time of installation is "1394 Net Adapter".

I am sorry if this is rather vague but I am am very new to broadband and that probably shows.

Any suggestions?

  hillybilly 18:28 28 Oct 2004

Do not apollogise! it is not necassary. The first time I made a post on this site i was shaking like a leaf! But if you don't ask you won't get an answer!

Now then, I think from what you said in the last post you have infact got modems and not routers. I know I'm being long winded but if your not confident and we take it dead slow, I'm sure at the end we will get there.

Back to square one do you have model numbers for the Zoom? What i'm trying establish is the diffence between your 2 modems first?

Thanks for your patience. My model number of the Zoom modem is 5510 (series 1013).

The other one is a Fujitsu FDX310.

Thanks for your time.

  hillybilly 19:10 28 Oct 2004

Right, that helps. I'm afraid I'm off out to dinner for the rest of the evening, as it's my B/day, but when I get back or first thing tomorrow, I'll come back!

Thanks, Happy Birthday and enjoy your dinner.

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