Broadband Assistance - New connection problems

  joebloggs1 21:35 05 Oct 2005

Friend of mine originally signed up for Wanadoo broadband on 12 Aug and still can't connect. Originally told there was DACS on the line and understand this was removed about 26th August, but still just getting flashing green lights. She has made numerous calls to there tech support, but just getting confused with advice. Tried all the uninstalling / re-installing / removing all other phones etc / tried connecting direct to socket but all make no difference. They have now asked her to leave PC on all day tomorrow while they try some whoosh test from their end.
Anybody any suggestions on a how we might proceed (got a feling they will say whoosh test was inconclusive!! - just cynical) or has anybody experienced a similar situation and can say how they got it resolved?

  johnnyrocker 00:42 06 Oct 2005

a whoosh test measures line connectivity to premises but i suspect they are getting the run around as it has nothing to do with the pc it is all to do with the connectivity to the modem


  Graham ® 10:24 06 Oct 2005

You say flashing green 'lights'. Is the Power light flashing?

  MAJ 11:08 06 Oct 2005

I have had awful trouble, on a number of occasions, trying to set up connections to Wanadoo's service. I have had to uninstall and re-install the modem software (Speedtouch 330, if I remember correctly) many times (7 times is the record so far) before I could get those blinking lights to remain steady. Also check that you are connected to the main phone outlet in your house, rather than an extension outlet.

  joebloggs1 17:38 06 Oct 2005

Graham - the power light is fine, it's the ADSL light that flashed - Oddly it seems to flash at a regular beat, but every now and then the beat changes as though it's trying to connect!
MAJ - How do you decide to keep re-installing up to 7 times, at some point must assume its a problem with the line..
I do know thay are quite far from Exchange and had the DACS on at the start. At what point should an ISP refer this type of thing to BT - presuambly a line check is the best way to proceed, but just can't seem to get this across.

  PC Bilbo 19:09 06 Oct 2005

Have you tried using a different line filter in case the one you have is duff? Has been known.

If this is OK and you are doing the install by the book then you may well be right in wanting a line check.A cousin had all your symptons and when BT checked the line,the test showed he was getting out of band noise on the line which the filter couldn't cope with.

BT get paid the line rental so this would be for them to sort out as it is their line.

  Graham ® 19:16 06 Oct 2005

Ring BT on 151, navigate to a human! Ask them to check the DACS has been removed from the line in question.

The computer system is configured to not proceed with a broadband order unless it has been removed, but if a human has intervened, it may still be there.

  joebloggs1 23:56 13 Oct 2005

This has now been resolved and she is connected - Don't know exact nature of problem because sorted by a BT engineer who did not need access to the property - In my experience the vast majority of these types of connection problems / connections dropping etc are faults on BT line, but the problem is getting the ISP to accept this and escalate it to BT for you!!

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