Is broadband always on?

  Peter-261832 00:09 13 Mar 2004

As a naive new user of Broadband I was under the impression that the conection would be constant and communication so much faster.

My problems are that the connection drops from time to time, internet radio becomes intermittent, and some web sites just crawl at times. I'm pretty sure my ISP (PlusNet) isn't responsible.

I changed from a binatone usb adsl modem to a netgear wireless router in the hope that this would improve the reception but the problems still persist, even after upgrading the router's firmware.

Is this a normal occurrence, has the internet become congested or is there a problem with my connection?

  Tim1964 00:18 13 Mar 2004

Like any chain it's only as strong as the weakest link. :( If the sites you visit are 'slow to send' the info then it will appear like dialup. I'm on NTL 600k and sometimes (ok MOST times) I wonder what the £25 is for cos some sites take forever. Even checking the speed at the various sites doesn't really prove anything, it just means that the connection to THAT particular site at THAT particular time was OK. Sorry

  jaygice 00:21 13 Mar 2004

ntl i dont know its got to be bt broadband all the way never had a problem with it connection is on all the time 10/10

  The Spires 00:26 13 Mar 2004

Have you got filters on all your phones/Sky Box/Analogue modem? Are the filters of decent quality? click here

  fitcher 20:08 13 Mar 2004

like you say it slows down at times. do you have a usb connection from your modem or an ethernet ? do you use a powered supply to your modem ?.I am interested. but I assume using a radio you have .

  zinnie 20:22 13 Mar 2004

el pedro.....the reality of 'internet life' whether you are broadband or dialup is that what you receive is a function of the website you are connected to and the traffic on the 'lines' you are connected through . Just because you are on broadband it does not mean that you are not going to have delays/dropouts.

  SEASHANTY 20:51 13 Mar 2004

Your broadband internet connection will slow down also depending on how many users are using that particular service at any time. This is the contention ratio click here Note that on ADSL using BT telephone lines the contention ratio is 50. On NTL broadband the contention ratio is 20 which theoretically means it should be faster as not as many users will be on the same line BUT it all depends on the number of users on your particular line or cable at the same time.

  SEASHANTY 20:56 13 Mar 2004

Another Broadband forum is this one
click here

  keith-236785 21:21 13 Mar 2004

click here and download the broadband speed test, install and run. this will report on the speed of your conection, armed with this info (it is only a guide not gospel) you would know if there is a problem speed wise at least. you should not get dropped form your connection, but sometimes your isp may go offline for maintainance.

other things which may affect your connection/speed are virus's/trojans/spyware....etc

easy to blame the isp when it could be something else, having said that. if your system is clean then contact your ISP and ask them to test the connection.

sometimes it may be nescessary to reset the modem (ntl, dont know about others) this requires shutting down the PC, unplugging the power from the modem and leaving off for a couple of minutes (ignore this if you power down each night), then power on modem, leave until lights become steady green, then power back up pc.
(this is with the modem supplied by NTL)

good luck with this problem

  SEASHANTY 11:07 14 Mar 2004

Paperman27 - The link to the speed test from Daniel Elwell website. I have uninstalled this application. I tried to use it once and it didn't work so tried it again and it gave me a result. Just as a further check I tried to use it again and received a message back demanding payment as I had used the test three times (which included the time it did not work properly). Hence the uninstall. He tells you that the test is free but if you note he is also asking for donations. I do not use it now.

  Peter-261832 11:55 14 Mar 2004

I think I have resolved my problems (touch wood!)

I have re-sited my router to the master phone socket from the extension socket I was using.

This seems to have cut out the interference which was occurring.

Many thanks for the advice offered.

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