Broadband again.

  carolineann 15:23 12 Jul 2004

Sorry, had this reply from B.T. Oldshep has explained that length of line means from the exchange to my house .not as I thought from lounge to computer room. Hey I am blonde. could anybody clarify what the rest means. Thanks.
Good news - Your exchange has ADSL broadband.

Our initial test on your line suggests that you should be able to have an ADSL broadband service that provides up to 512Kbps download speed, but the upstream bandwidth will vary according to the length of your telephone line. It will not be possible to provide the 1Mbps or 2Mbps ADSL broadband services.

If you decide to place an order, a further test will be performed to confirm if your line is suitable, and if so for what speed of service.

  Djohn 15:31 12 Jul 2004

Your upload speed will be in the region of 240 Kbs. This is normal for all 512 connections. IE: you can download data at 512 Kbs - upload data at 240 Kbs.

BT always say that initial test show you are capable of receiving Broadband but will depend on the final line test. You now need to place an order and your actual line to your house will be tested, if it passes or if a little attention to it will allow it to work then the contract will go through. If any faults that can't be fixed are found then all your money will be returned.

Don't worry to much though, very few if any fail the final test once BT has given the all clear. j.

  carolineann 15:44 12 Jul 2004

Thanks. I under stand that now, but what about the bit.
It will not be possible to provide the 1Mbps or 2Mbps ADSL broadband services.
What difference does that make.Sorry to be a bit dense, but its the first time I've gone into the subject.

  Djohn 16:14 12 Jul 2004

Unless both of us are! ;o)

Not sure on that but it may be because your very close to the limit of the distance from your exchange. To be able to receive the 1Mb service I believe you need to be quite close to the exchange but someone will enlighten both of us on this one.

  Djohn 16:23 12 Jul 2004

Yes I've just had a look and it does depend on the distance from the exchange. 512Kbs will extend to approxamatly 5.2 kilometres while 1 and 2Mbs will need to be within 3.2 kilometres.

Regards. j.

  Old Shep 16:55 12 Jul 2004

512 connections are what I think most people have got 10x faster than dial up. If you get into the 1 and 2 mbps league it costs a lot lot more per month.

  carolineann 17:02 12 Jul 2004

Thanks for that and as I understand it 512kbp is 10x faster and 1mbp is 20x faster . Is that right?

  carolineann 17:05 12 Jul 2004

sorry I did,nt refresh. Thanks both of you I think I understand it all now.

  Old Shep 17:18 12 Jul 2004

If your going to go for it suss them out at click here

  Djohn 17:51 12 Jul 2004

Yes your correct, strangely enough though the upload speed will still be the same with all three, just the download speed that increases.

Use the link from Old Shep to have a read through an unbiased report on providers. I'm with Zen, I find them outstanding for speed and reliability others that come high in the table of comparison are Nildrem/Pipex/Plusnet.

For some strange reason BT themselves rate poor in the guide especially where speed is concerned. Many people will say it doesn't matter which ISP you choose as they all go through the BT line. While the latter part of the statement is correct the first part is not.

Speed of your connection will depend on many things The line is just one of them. If you choose a provider that does not overload it's servers with too many connections at the same time, you will definitely notice an increase in speed. With my previous ISP I was lucky to achieve anything between 380-420 Kbs. With Zen I never drop below 470 Kbs and 99% of the time it's 478-480 Kbs.

Good luck with your choice, the difference over dial-up is well worth it and it's nice to know your phone line is still available while on-line.

  carolineann 17:52 12 Jul 2004

Thanks for the link , will read it tonight.

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