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  hiwatt 11:17 15 May 2008

Hi folks,our virgin broadband(2mb)for £10 a month for a year has just finished and is now £18.99 a month.This seems quite expensive to me.I've heard tiscali are £6.99 a month but I don't know if you need a BT phoneline.Can anyone recommend a good broadband service without a tv package or phone.Thanks.

  RobCharles1981 11:35 15 May 2008

Virgin is a dia sham from what I read on the isp ratings on the Dslzoneuk website click here

Don't go to tiscali they are even worst from what I have heard.

go to samknows click here and enter your details, it will tell you what other LLU services ect are available to you.

If how ever there no LLU services in your exchange, I can highly recomend an Entanet reseller such as ADSL24 or Falconnet (I'm with Falconnet) for £19.99 30/300 a month you can have upto 8mb Broadband, no traffic shaping or traffic throttling. I was previously an AOL customer but I sacked them on a fixed 2mb speed, but with Falconnet its been amazing the speeds I'm getting are 6.5mps to 6.7mps!! No slow downs whatsoever. UK Based freephone support number!! Oh and monthly contracts!

click here

You could also benefit further advice from the experts on click here

Best of Luck


  rob3600 11:40 15 May 2008


My advice is do NOT go to tiscali I am currently with them and can't wait for my contract to end - in another 12 mths!! I have had nothing but problems with loss of service for up to 72 hours and between 1.5 to 2 mg speed. The call centre is useless and i have had many a heated discussion some some chap on the other side of the world

  hiwatt 12:12 15 May 2008

I must admit I have no problems atall with virgin media.I just thought I could have got 2mb broadband cheaper than £18.99 a month.Thanks.

  birdface 12:12 15 May 2008

Phone Virgin Tell them you are not prepared to pay £19 a month for 2 Mb.If no satisfaction tell them you want the broadband removed from your package.You will be put through to another department.They will ask why you are removing it.Just explain that it is to expensive and you can get 10Mb elsewhere for half the price.Mention Sky they hate anybody leaving to go to Sky.If you are firm but polite with them they should make you another offer.But like you say £19 for 2 Mb is a bit over the top.At the moment I am getting mine for £4.95 a month

  birdface 12:18 15 May 2008

Or.they may upgrade you to 4Mb which is being increased free to 10 Mb this year.I must admit there service has been excellent recently.I phoned with a problem and they had the engineer out within 2 days.My son phoned them and the engineer was out the next day Saturday.So a big improvement from them.

  hiwatt 12:20 15 May 2008

That sounds good,I'll do that.Do you mind me asking where you are getting yours for £4.95?I've just had a look at o2 and they are £7.50 a month for up to 8meg.That sounds good.I'm not sure if I'll have to pay for line rental too though.

  Covergirl 12:46 15 May 2008

click here to see some good reviews of 02.

I'm with Tiscali and apart from initial problems (they lost my order) and it taking them 6 weeks and several phone calls to get sorted, I'm quite happy with 4MBPS off peak and approx 1MBPS at peak hours.

Take BUTEMANs advice wrt negotiating a better deal with Virgin.

Tiscali's offers are usually "introductory" at that price for the first three months and it looks like their lowest price is now £4.49/month. If they are unbundled at your exchange I understand there is no line rental to pay, otherwise it's standard rates with BT or £8.50-ish with Tiscali.

Note that Tiscali have a very friendly 0800 sales line, but after you've signed up, you're at the mercy of the 0871 10p (5p) per minute Customer Support centre somewhere in the indian subcontinent. Not everyone is happy with this arrangement as can be seen on the Tiscali forums, particularly Broadband Service Support click here .

  birdface 12:48 15 May 2008

Yes.Sorry I should have said that I am also with Virgin.

  ^wave^ 13:23 15 May 2008

i can only agree stay away from tiscali i was with homecall who were good then they got taken over by pipex still good then in came tiscali and down went the service could set my clock by it ok from 0000 till 1630 then my speeds dropped from around 5meg to 100k. after 5 bt engineers and numerous emails and phone calls i went too sky so far no probs really happy
go look at the tiscali forum se how many people complain about slow speed

  hiwatt 14:40 26 May 2008

I gave virgin a call.They said the best deal they can offer is £15 a month for a 2mb connection but said 2mb will be being increased soon.I've got a friend who's signed up to 02 for £7.50 a month and said it's good but you still need a bt phone line.Could anyone tell me the cheapest broadband availiable without having to take a bt phone line.£15 a month is the cheapest I can find.Any help is much appreciated.Thanks.

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