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  neghness 16:10 09 Jun 2004

hey people!! yes i'm new here, but my dad uses this site, so i thought i'd give it a try!
i'm looking to purchase broadband for my flat, but i'm not sure what deal to get. i want to be able to download large files over P2P programmes, and i'm not sure if the 1GB limits on some providers will take this into account or not. if they do then its no good for me!!
also, i'm on quite a tight budget, so i can't afford to buy the more expensive packages to get a bigger limit, so i need a provider with no limit. also, a set up fee is a problem gotta be small or, preferably, free. i can't get NTL (who i really wanted), so i'm looking else where.
the only other providers that i have found are virgin, and bulldog.

is virgin broadband any good or not? i'm not expecting it to be fantastic, but if it comes up good to quite good, i'll probably get it.
another way, would be to sign up to virgin, then switch to bulldog for £1, if they are any better. i can do this, because virgin offer no minnimum contract.

hope you understand what i mean by the above.
i just need some general advice on who the most reliable etc.

thanks in advance

  johnnyrocker 16:22 09 Jun 2004
  stlucia 16:35 09 Jun 2004

When I was asking, the majority of the replies recommended Pipex.

  johnsims 17:14 09 Jun 2004

I have a Virgin broadband connection. Its pretty good. I too liked the lack of a 12 month contract.

  JayDay 17:53 09 Jun 2004

I have virgin. Very impressed. They scan and remove spam and email with viruses before they come to your PC. I have had no spam since being with them. No download limit

  Cook2 17:55 09 Jun 2004

If Telewest are in your area then have a look at their site. You now get 1.5Mb for the same price as 1Mb used to be. £25 per month.

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