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  Grambo 20:03 28 Feb 2004

Im currently on dial up with freeserve anytime, and of course am interested in going for broadband. I have seen some tempting offers from Tiscali but the bottom dollar price (I think) is for 3 times dial up speed. To make a noticeable difference, what speed increase would be acceptable for home use. If I connect to someone other than freeserve, can i still keep fs account. Sorry, bit confused about this

  powerless 20:06 28 Feb 2004

Why not go for Freeserve BB?

512kbps - 60KB/s download, fast web page loads.

You keep you FS email address etc.

  MikeyT 22:04 28 Feb 2004

I have just got the Tiscali BB and am well impressed. In fact, I want to buy the company!!! Seriously I have the 10x package but a colleague has the 3x and he is more than happy with his download speeds. He is able to download 10Mb in roughly about 10-12 mins. But I suggest if you are considering downloads of large sizes to go for the 10x as it really does improve life.

  Gongoozler 22:16 28 Feb 2004

I'm quite happy with the Tiscali 3x. My connection is reliably about 140k measured by the Mcafee speedometer click here, compared with my old Freeserve Anytime which was about 36k. I can still retrieve emails from my Freeserve account, which is still available as a pay as you go service via my dial-up modem. I can choose to look at my Freeserve emails via either Tiscali or Freeserve. The speed is noticeably faster, but not enough for streaming video or massive file downloads but it does all I need and is only £1 a month more than Freeserve Anytime. The main advantage to me is that it frees up the telephone line.

  Meshuga 22:21 28 Feb 2004

Grambo, Be advised that the 3x package depends on
the volume of people signing up in your area even though U can get broadband in the area. I applied for it and was told it wasnt viable in a rural area but that I could have the higher priced packages. So I`m going to plusnet instead who do a similar package without being so fussy. Meshuga.

  Gongoozler 22:32 28 Feb 2004

Type your telephone number here click here to see if it is available to you.

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