Broadband ADSL & Phone line extensions

  Lord_Anubis 18:41 30 Mar 2003

I have a question, is it possible to operate ADSL broadband off of an internal house extension (as opposed to directly from the main wall socket). I know that it is possible if you connect microsplitters to both the wall socket and the extension but would this set up result in any adverse effects to the phones.

I.e. will it still be posible to use the phones while broadband is in use.


  [email protected]#36 18:55 30 Mar 2003

As long as you have the splitters in each socket that has a phone all will be well. My pc is in the last ext socket from the main BT entry point. I have a digital cordless phone plugged into another ext socket closer to the main BT socket and an ordinary phone into the same socket as my PC. All works well.

In theory there should be no problem using the phone without a splitter as long as you are not using the broadband.


  Lord_Anubis 19:01 30 Mar 2003

Ahh good to here, but do i need to install splitters on all ext's in order to for broadband and phones to work in harmony at the same time.

  [email protected]#36 19:05 30 Mar 2003

Only where you have a phone plugged into the socket. Remember the phone is still analogue and uses a diferent frequency etc. So in order to get a decent quality line to speak over it needs to get rid of the digital info which the ADSL equipment uses, and vice versa.

  rct 19:08 30 Mar 2003

Erm not vice versa Mike, if a phone isn't plugged in at the same socket there is no need for a filter where the router/ADSL model is plugged in. ADSL devices happily ignore the regular PSTN frequencies. Filters are only necessary for other devices, i.e. phones, analogue modems etc.

  Lord_Anubis 19:17 30 Mar 2003

I have an extension intended for a roughter (broadband) and a phone, another extension with a phone/fax only and the mains wall socket (with a phone connected there too). Where should the splitter(s) go.

a) All extensions and the main wall socket

b) The extension with the roughter only

c) The extension with the roughter plus the main wall socket

d) The wall socket only

P.S. Sorry to drag this out, i need to get it right first time u see :)

  Andrew P 19:25 30 Mar 2003

i have a phone socket which i got from woolworths and fitted myself. you simply plug in this adapter thing to the main phone socket. this has a wire on it going to a phone socket, which you screw to the wall. you can plug any normal phones into the adapter. my computers modem is plugged into the socket i fitted myself. my question is: if i get broadband, do i put a splitter into the main socket, then plug the adapter into this and put another splitter on the phone socket i fitted myself, or do i put a splitter into the part of the adapter where i put the phones, therefore the phone socket i fitted myself is 'bypassing' the splitter, then put a splitter into the socket i fitted myself.

thats probably really confusing, if it is then just dont bother answering it! one of the bad things of 'self install' broadband products it that there are so many different phone setups that different people use that it would be impossible to cover them all on a website/in an instruction booklet. it is because of this that i do not know what equipment i am supposed to be plugging in where.

  Lord_Anubis 19:29 30 Mar 2003

Well i figure if nobody can give a straight answer (though you guys have helped alot) i'll just by loads of splitters and put em everywhere, cant do any harm after all :p

  Andrew P 19:34 30 Mar 2003

i think the answer to your question would be a. you should put them everywhere. but make sure that any extentions you have plugged into the main socket are not connected to a microfilter themselves.

  graham 19:36 30 Mar 2003


  Lord_Anubis 19:37 30 Mar 2003

So, all extensions but not the main line (wall socket) Thanks for the help.

I've tried thinking about this logically but sometimes it doesn't quite work the way you expect :|.

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